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Alumna poised to begin Nashville career


With a desire to do something to benefit the men and women serving in the Armed Forces, last summer Brittany Kish ’14 of East Longmeadow, Mass., founded “The Soldier Prayer Project” to support the military and their families through the power of prayer.

The non-profit organization recently attracted the attention of Marcus Luttrell, a former United States Navy SEAL who was the focus of the 2013 film, “Lone Survivor,” where he was portrayed by actor Mark Wahlberg.

C:\fakepath\Brittany Kish crop.jpgWhen people purchase a “Soldier’s Prayer” T-shirt, a handwritten prayer also is sent to a member of the military or their families.

Recently, Kish heard from Luttrell’s agent after Luttrell came across a video on her Instagram page, where she was singing the National Anthem and wearing a “Soldier’s Prayer” T-shirt.

“They went to the website and, long story short, they liked what they saw.  I have been asked to send a project proposal and business plan to his team,” Kish said. Once everything is finalized, Luttrell plans to wear the T-shirt and post about “The Soldier Prayer Project” on Facebook.

There are multiple ways people can reach “The Soldier Prayer Project,” such as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“On these sites we allow people to send us their prayer requests and share stories. Every day at noon we pray for those requests individually. Since we are just starting out, the money from the T-shirt sales is going to support the project in supplies for the business cards, letters and the postage for distribution of the shirts so buyers don’t have to pay shipping,” Kish explained.

“Eventually, we want to connect with military bases, various college campuses, and other military/veterans organizations so we have a variety of locations where we can send the letters.”

In the meantime, Kish will head to Nashville to fulfill another dream: she aims to start a singing career. She’ll head there next week to find an apartment and to go on job interviews.

“I’ve been singing ever since I was a little girl,” she said. “I have dreamed about living down there ever since I figured out what Nashville actually was. My family loves country music. I’ve grown up with it.”

An interdisciplinary studies major who concentrated in business administration and music, with a minor in arts management, Kish aims to find work in the entertainment or music industry.

As part of her performing arts management classes this past year, she was the stage manager for five concerts at MCLA. “I love working with artists and, unlike most people, I love the hustle and bustle and stress of working different types of events,” she explained.

In fact, it was an arts management class that inspired her to create a non-profit. The decision to focus on the Armed Forces was easy: many of Kish’s family members serve in the military.

In Nashville, she will meet with several contacts, including an alumna of the College who found success in the music industry there, as well as a high school friend’s uncle who is the producer for Garth Brooks.

​What’s her advice to other MCLA students?

“I would tell them to not give up on their dreams. Hard work and dedication really does pay off in the long run! Never in a million years would I think that Nashville was a real possibility, and that I would have a non-profit organization that is getting noticed all around the country. It all started with my journey here at MCLA and now it is ending with me going off into the real world living my dream!”