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Sophomore feels at home in residential life



Involvement with residence hall activities, said Aunna Shamlian ’17 of Stoneham, Mass., has been integral to her MCLA experience by influencing her life in many different ways. 

In addition to being a member of the Hoosac Hall Advisory Board during her freshman year, Shamlian has worked as a residence area security monitor in Berkshire Towers. Now a resident of the Flagg Townhouse Apartment Complex, she’s also a member of the Rho Pi Sigma chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), a service organization of student leaders who are active within the country’s college and university residence areas, and is on its public relations committee.

These students – in the top 1 percent of residential students from across the United States – contribute to the quality of residence life for those who live in campus housing. Their shared experiences with roommates, friends, and everyone else living in a residence hall, said Shamlian, creates a unity similar to that found in a family.

C:\fakepath\Aunna crop.jpgHighly involved with residence life at MCLA, Shamlian (right) attended a conference of the Northeast Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (NEACURH) this year in Troy, N.Y., where she served as a delegate.

“I want to encourage residents by showing them it is never too late to get involved and make a difference from the comfort of their own residence hall,” she said.

The conference took on the theme of “Marty Python and the Holy Grail: Quest to find the Golden Balance,” which employed themes of “Monty Python” and included a reference to NEACURH’s mascot, Marty the moose. The program, Shamlian said, showed her what was – and what wasn’t – important in her life, to help her discover her goals and aspirations.

“Not only did I find ‘Golden Balance’ in attending NEACURH, I found purpose in my life to bring back with me from the conference to share with others,” she said.

“From the uplifting spirit of all the schools’ delegations united altogether in chanting the songs we earned for the conference, to meeting new people from all kinds of backgrounds in residence life, learning how much it means to them, and how residence life has impacted their lives, I knew I was doing something right in attending.”

Shamlian said her involvement with residence life organizations has become part of her identify as a member of the campus community. She is part of the Hoosac Hall Advisory Board, and helps to organize events that encourage others to participate in campus community life. Activities include the Grilled Cheese Fundraiser, PB & Jam, Campus Center Takeover, and many more.

While Shamlian finds satisfaction in seeing campus residents, particularly freshmen, enthusiastically involved in various residence hall events, “The best part of being a part of residence life is the knowledge that I’ll always have a ‘home away from home’ family who will continue to support me in both my academic and personal endeavors,” Shamlian said.

“Residents have the ability to grow as people and influence many things that go on throughout their time here as an on-campus resident of MCLA,” she added. “I hope to influence residents’ perceptions of residence areas during the years of our college journey here at MCLA. It is home.”