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Brendan Peltier
Above, Brendan Peltier ’15 (left) with Senator Elizabeth Warren in Washington, D.C., last summer at a constituency event he attended as he spent the summer working on an internship through the Washington Center.

Senior leads state student advisory board


Keenly aware of how politics and government affect our lives, Brendan Peltier ’15 of Worcester, Mass., as a youth set his sights on a career as a political leader. He took another step toward that goal last month after he beat out three other candidates to be elected as the chair of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education’s Student Advisory Council.

“I am excited to be able to help better serve my peers,” Peltier said. “I feel that I have the ability to do this is a meaningful way that can really help to captivate all college students in Massachusetts.”

A political science and public policy major, Peltier’s responsibilities as the Council’s chair include conducting monthly meetings with all student government presidents and trustees from the community colleges, and schools in the state university and U-MASS systems.


“When we meet, we discuss issues related to higher education and share our concerns with the Board of Higher Education,” Peltier explained. “We also put on a student leadership conference where we encourage all students to come and participate with their peers and with other schools. From there, we set our own goals and handle tasks that we feel relevant to higher education.”

In addition to serving an internship over the summer through the Washington Center in Washington, D.C., Peltier also has worked in MCLA President Mary K. Grant’s office. There, he discovered “a keen passion for higher education administration.”

“I would love to serve as a college president when I develop enough skills and experience,” Peltier said.

By serving as chair of the Student Advisory Council, he expects to more fully understand the process of higher education as a policy topic. This, Peltier explained, will help him as he prepares for this career path.

​“MCLA is a school that helps to teach their students how to be better leaders and how to fundamentally grow as they move up the class rank,” he continued. “Over the four years, my academics have challenged me to think outside the box and work hard.”

He continued, “This has been able to carry into the cross country team as the top runner, to serve the students here at MCLA as their student government president, and in roles such as chair of the Student Advisory Council.

“MCLA teaches its students that work ethics matter. And, with a liberal arts education, one can take a variety of classes to help them build that work ethic and the skills it takes to be an amazing student here at MCLA, and in the community when they graduate.”

​Peltier credits MCLA’s “amazing” faculty, staff, administrators and students with his success.

“I know that I am ready to get out into the workforce or graduate school because I was given the tools that will allow me to be successful! MCLA is an amazing institution that makes sure its students are challenged and ready to be the best candidate for a job or at an interview for graduate school.”