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From left, Nicole Ngoon ’15 and Lily O’Neill ’16 in Prague.

Senior travels throughout Europe during semester abroad


For Nicole Ngoon ’15 of Quincy, Mass., spending a semester in Prague was the “cherry on top” of her college experience.

Although she traveled to Hong Kong two years ago to visit her aunt, Ngoon’s time at the Prague University of Economics in the Czech Republic marked her first visit to Europe. When she arrived, she was delighted to discover that her Monday through Wednesday class schedule was perfect for travel.

C:\fakepath\Nicole Ngoon ski diving sq.jpg“Almost every weekend I traveled to a new place. I traveled to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Budapest, Germany and Austria,” Ngoon said. “I loved Amsterdam so much I actually went there twice. It was just so beautiful and I absolutely adored the canals.”

In Switzerland, she went skydiving with a friend she met in Prague. “It was such an amazing experience, and I am so glad that I did it,” Ngoon said. 

An English/communications major with a business minor and concentrations in public relations and corporate communications, Ngoon said while her friends studied abroad in cities like London and Paris, “I wanted to go somewhere new, that no one I knew had been before.”

She continued, “Since I am a business minor, it was such a privilege to study at a business school. The University of Economics was the perfect place for me to fulfill my classes for my business minor.”

As she learned to adapt to new environments and cultures, Ngoon’s desire to travel increased.

“I loved studying abroad and I would recommend it to everyone,” she said. “It definitely changes you and teaches you new things about yourself.”

Back at MCLA, Ngoon is an admissions ambassador.

“I love giving tours to perspective students and talking about MCLA and why I love it here so much,” she said. “It is definitely a hidden gem in the Berkshires.”

Since her freshman year, she’s also worked in the Office of Student Development. “It is such a fun place to work. I've never loved a job more than this one.” 

In addition, Ngoon served as a peer advisor for two years. “It was so great getting to know the incoming freshman and having events for them.” ​

Because she enjoys talking to people and giving presentations, Ngoon’s dream job is to work in marketing and public relations for a Boston business firm.

“I love all the professors that I have had at MCLA. I really like the small class sizes and that the professors actually get to know you. It is also nice that some professors teach more than one class, so they really get to know you and your work ethic,” she said.

“The people here are all so kind and I love it,” Ngoon continued. “Everyone is so friendly with one another, and that was one of the things I really liked about MCLA when I came and visited. The location was great, too! The Berkshires are absolutely stunning in the fall. I love it.

“I have really enjoyed getting my education here, and will miss everyone when I graduate.”