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Freshman finds success on the fairway


Despite longtime plans to play college hockey, Nick Young ’18 of Ballston Lake, N.Y., found himself on the green instead of the ice last fall, earning honors such as “Rookie of the Year.” He concluded his freshman season with a sixth place finish in the North Atlantic Conference (NAC) Championships.

“Being on the golf team is great, because I love to play the game,” Young said. “We travel to courses that I never could of imagined playing, growing up.”

This season’s accolades also included recognition as “Rookie of the Week,” and he was named to the “Second Team All-NAC.”

Although Young’s grandfather got him started playing golf at the age of 8, hockey came first.  

“As soon as I could walk, I was skating on ice,” he explained. “It’s the sport that I love and will always love to play.” During high school, he played in state and national hockey championships, and competed at “very high levels.”

That being said, Young also loved playing golf from the moment he picked up his first club. Throughout his youth, whenever the weather was nice, he could be found in his back yard, practicing his swing. When he wasn’t playing hockey, he participated in numerous golf tournaments throughout New York State.

A computer science major with an information technology concentration, Young plans to use his bachelor’s degree for career in law enforcement, perhaps with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

“I would like to do research on criminals and work behind the scenes of all the cases,” he explained. “I would also love to do some cyber security, because there are a lot of hackers in the world, and they need to be stopped in their tracks.”

That being said, Young’s ultimate dream is to become a professional golfer.

“Golf is a funny game, which is why I love it. I have those days like everyone else where I do not play my best, and then there are other days where I play outstanding and set a new low round for myself,” Young said. “Whenever I'm on the course, everything else disappears and I go into my own world.”

Young says being a student athlete is a big responsibility.

“You have to make sure your grades are always good, but teachers are always very understanding and willing to help out,” he explained.

“MCLA offers a great program that a lot of other schools don’t,” Young continued. “There are a wide variety of concentrations, and the class sizes are small. Students will learn a lot more about the topic because of the one-on-one focus,” Young said.

“I am learning a lot through the computer science program,” he continued. “The best part of it all is that I will be able to use this knowledge in the future, wherever I work. The hardest part is the work – not the work load, but the difficulty.  But, teachers are always there to help and will schedule time to assist you.”

Those who want to “really learn a lot about your academics and meet great people in the process” will find that MCLA is a great school, Young said. “Incoming students will love it here.”