Sophomore Previews Future Career in Higher Ed.


C:\fakepath\Kayla LaVoice crop.jpgA double major in both English and math, Kayla LaVoice ’18 of Springfield, Mass., envisions a career where she can help others. Her dream job is a position where she can assist incoming college freshman prepare not only for higher education, but for the rest of their lives.

Over the summer, she had a sneak peek of what the future may hold for her career when she served as a STEM Fellow at MCLA’s Third Annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy. There, she worked with the incoming freshmen on skills they need to be successful; such as time management and organization.

New to the Academy, LaVoice especially enjoyed the program’s process that acclimated students as it incorporated academic life and the MCLA community.

“It was a fantastic experience!” LaVoice exclaimed. “The students met with professors and administrators, learned about the MCLA community and resources, as well as dorm life. The best part was seeing the incoming students learn, and come out of their shells.”

In addition to her work over the summer at STEM Academy, this fall semester, LaVoice is a resident advisor, as well as the treasurer of the Math Club, and a program coordinator for MCLA’s Center for Service and Citizenship.

“These activities are helping my growth and learning at MCLA by showing me I have an impact at the school. They also establish me as part of MCLA's community,” LaVoice said. “Nothing helps me to succeed more than knowing that I belong to a community! These experiences are going to impact my future career by giving me the experience and the confidence I need in order to work with others.”

Although she’s yet to dive into her English classes, LaVoice said her math professors are “amazing.”

“They are so passionate about the work they do, and their profession. In the classrooms, they not only teach the subjects, but take the time to work with students and get to know them,” LaVoice said.

After arriving on campus a little over a year ago, LaVoice discovered that getting involved is the best way to build a strong community of friends, as well as faculty, staff and administrators. She advises prospective students to not be afraid to put themselves out there, and to try the things they love to do.

As a result, “You will meet fantastic people while doing the things you are passionate about,” LaVoice said.

It was the MCLA’s community that cinched LaVoice’s decision to attend the College.

During an orientation and visiting various booths in the Campus Marketplace to discover how she might help out and community service options in the area, she was approached by Alyson Carey ’13, who gave her some ideas for ways she could help out – both on and off campus.

“She was so passionate about what she was doing that I knew MCLA would be a perfect fit for me,” LaVoice said. She added, “MCLA has this way of making you feel like you belong here – like you are a part of a big happy family.”

What's the best part of being an MCLA student? LaVoice said it’s the opportunities students have available to them, from internships to study abroad, community service and much more.

“You can even make your own club! I love the idea of making your college experience your own,” she said. “MCLA really gives every student the option to expand their horizons!”