Transfer Student Finds Process ‘Almost Effortless’


C:\fakepath\Molly Gurner1 crop.jpgMolly Gurner ’17 of Boston, Mass., spent her first year of college at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, where she majored in Chinese language. But during her time there she discovered graphic design, within the field of art.

Although the academics at Roger Williams were a great match, she said, “I felt as though I did not fit in.  I excelled academically, but I found myself feeling unfulfilled, and like I was not getting enough out of the experience for the amount of tuition I was paying. 

“After recognizing this void, I returned to the idea of attending MCLA, as it was one of my top choices in my initial college search and decided to resubmit an application.”

Her transition to MCLA was “almost effortless,” Gurner said.

“Here at MCLA, everyone wants you to do well and is supporting you from every angle possible, which is not something you can find at other institutes of higher education. MCLA is unique in so many different ways that will enhance your college experience, whether it’s the location, the clubs and organizations, or the people you will meet here on campus.” 

Another reason Gurner decided to transfer to MCLA was our women’s soccer program: the opportunity to play college-level soccer had been a dream of hers since she was 8.

Now an art major at MCLA, Gurner loves the attention to detail that’s required to produce successful pieces. She aims to work at a design and marketing firm one day, as a graphic designer who creates logos and different types of branding.  

“When looking at any type of poster or advertisement, the artist intended for everything to be exactly where it is,” she said. “The most interesting part of art, in my opinion, are all of the different styles that each artist has.”

In addition to serving as an Admissions Ambassador this fall, Gurner is a founding member of an up-and-coming marketing and design group that she and some other MCLA students plan to launch this semester.

“The best part of being an MCLA student is that you are encouraged to be whoever you want to be,” she said. “No one holds you back from following your passions. I have always been interested in the arts, just like I’ve been playing soccer for as long as I can remember.” 

Gurner’s academic experience at MCLA has been “extremely positive.”

“I have found the professors I’ve taken classes with to be very knowledgeable and always willing to share their extra knowledge outside of planned curriculum,” she said. “The small class sizes are one of my favorite things here, as well.  Being able to have my voice heard during class discussions motivates me to participate.”

Gurner continued, “There are tons of really amazing museums in the area, for example, MASS MoCA and the Clark. Professors do not hesitate to take advantage of the surrounding resources and are always taking their classes beyond the walls of the classroom.” 

She added, “After a rocky start to my college career, MCLA has reassured me that it is possible to succeed academically while still enjoying myself here on campus.”