Rhea Werner ’15 (below, right) is headed back to King’s Cross Station, but instead of continuing on to Hogwarts, this time she’s going to City University London to earn her master’s degree.

Alumna Returning to London for Grad School


After Rhea Werner ’15 went overseas for the first time in 2013, as part of her travel study course to Ireland, she wanted more.

The following spring she returned to the region for a visit to England. As she explored London, “I fell in love with the city,” she said. “There is such a rich history there.” Since that time, returning to the United Kingdom for graduate school has been her goal.

This fall, Werner will attend City University London to earn a master’s degree in culture, policy and management.  She will use that degree, along with her Bachelor of Arts degree from MCLA in arts management, to forge a career as an arts events planner.

At City University, she anticipates taking courses in managing organizations, culture, digital cultures, and fundraising in and for the culture sector – just to name a few.

According to Werner, “MCLA’s arts management courses really helped propel my thinking in the arts. My professors made me think and analyze what they put in front of me, and now I want to expand more on that.”

Also accepted to Queen Margaret University in Scotland, Werner broke her decision down to the area she’d be living in. “I knew in London I would have access to so many museums and art spaces. Edinburgh had a lot to offer, but I was drawn to London because of my experience there in 2014.”

Werner found help with her graduate school application at MCLA’s Center for Success and Engagement, where its staff answered all her questions and helped to make certain her resume was the best it could be. MCLA continues to support her, she explained, as she always has someone on campus to turn to for education- and career-related questions, or if she needs a reference, and more.

MCLA also provided Werner with a “very hands on” experience.

“I was allowed to grow as a student with minimal guidance. My professors and advisors guided me when needed, but allowed me to grow on my own,” she said.

“I had a lot of experience at MCLA by planning events,” she continued. Whether her career takes her to a museum, a concert hall or a music venue, “I know I will be in an area where I will enjoy myself.”

Looking back, Werner said MCLA was especially valuable in providing her with experiences to prepare for the future. This includes her work as a stage manager for Dance Company for four years, work study, involvement with the National Residence Hall Honorary and the Student Government Association, and an internship with the Advancement Office.

“I was able to work with amazing people to put on events at school. I was happy that I was never once in my time there limited to one thing,” she said. “I was able to expand myself as a person, and learn some pretty valuable skills along the way.”