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Davis Turell and Carrie Alibozek

Davis Turell ’17, right, with Carrie Alibozek, assistant director of financial aid.

Financial Aid Makes College Possible for Psych Major


Thanks to financial aid and the work-study program, Davis Turell ’17 of Jamaica Plain, Mass., has the funds she needs to earn her bachelor’s degree at MCLA.

Her work study at the Registrar’s Office, which includes filing and other office-related tasks, pays for her books, notebooks, food and “everything I need for my education,” Turell said. “I love working here. I love the people, and will be sad when I have to graduate and leave them.”

Turell, who finances her education through both grants and loans, said were it not for financial aid, she could not attend college.

“When I applied to schools, financial aid was important,” Turell said. “I also knew that money was limited, but when making my decision of which school to attend, I did not want to base that upon how much financial aid each offered to me. Instead, I based my decision on the school.”

Turell decided to attend MCLA after she attended an overnight visit in 2013. The fact that the campus is part of the Massachusetts state university system made it a very affordable choice.

According to Turell, the staff in MCLA’s Office of Financial Aid were always helpful when she had a question or concern. They also reminded her whenever she needed to fill out and submit forms that proved vital to her receiving her funding.

A double major in psychology and business, Turell initially choose psychology because she wants to work with children in a community center. During her first semester, however, she decided to add the business major. “I realized that instead of working in a community center I could put the knowledge forward and open my own community center.”

In addition to her studies and work in the Registrar’s Office, Turell is the treasurer of the Asian American Union. This summer, she will serve an internship near her home in the Boston area as a local community center’s camp director. 

“I make sure everything I do at this school gives me knowledge or experience that I can carry on through my life,” she explained. “Working at the Registrar’s Office gives me a better work ethic. Serving as a treasurer teaches me accounting concepts and provides real-life experience of handling money for a club. Through my summer internship, I hope to learn the most. That will be the environment I want build a career in.”

During previous summers, financial aid gave Turell the means to take additional courses. As a result, she will graduate early.

Turell recommends MCLA’s psychology program.

“The faculty and other students in the program are very helpful whenever you need help, and MCLA provides enough support for whatever you need,” she explained. “I have learned a lot from the psychology professors but, more importantly, I have learned a lot from class discussions from my peers. I often find myself outside the classroom referencing classroom discussions.”

She added, “Since my freshman year I have always had the best support system here. Were it not for daily motivation from friends and staff, college would not be possible. The best part of college is the people I interact with every day.”