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This handy guide for Pokémon trainers at MCLA was created by Prof. Gerol Petruzella, associate director of academic technology. 

A Guide to Finding Pokémon at MCLA


With millions of users worldwide, Pokémon GO has been getting people moving in hopes of catching them all and becoming a Pokémon master. The augmented reality game allows users, or trainers, to track Pokémon and catch them using Poké balls they’ve collected. 

As you walk through campus, you’ll probably run into some Pidgeys, Eevees, Weedles, or maybe a Zubat. You could study with a Psyduck! Or swim with a Krabby in the Campus Center Pool. Mr. Goodbody has even been spotted with a Shellder. But be careful--you wouldn’t want to be caught Drowzee in your classes.Eevee in CSI

MCLA has many Poké-stops and Pokémon gyms on campus. If a trainer needs Poké balls, they can walk over to Mark Hopkins Hall, the Feigenbaum Center for Science and Innovation, or the Church Street Center. For those looking to battle Pokémon and level up, there is a Pokémon gym in the front of Mark Hopkins Hall. 

Robyn Thiel ’18 has caught almost 400 Pokémon on campus since the game was released in July. “Growing up, I wasn't a huge Pokémon fan. But since this game has come out, I feel like it has helped build another community of people, and I have enjoyed walking around MCLA’s campus way more than I did just going to classes. I'm really glad that I've been here all summer to take advantage of the accessibility on campus. There is Wi-Fi everywhere, multiple Poké-stops, and a gym!”

It’s not just students taking advantage of all these features, either. Loads of professors, faculty, and staff are also training their Pokémon whenever possible!

Downtown North Adams is also filled with Poké-stops and Pokémon gyms. The game uses many of DownStreet Art’s murals and galleries as Poké-stops, including “North Adams Mural” near Desperados on Eagle Street; “That’s Gneiss” mural on Holden Street; and the “Pillars of Art” on both sides of Marshall Street near MASS MoCA, which is also a Poké-stop and full of Pokémon. (HINT: MCLA students can visit Mass MoCA for free using their student ID.) The Mohawk Theater on Main Street and the Houghton Mansion on Church Street are Pokémon gyms where trainers can battle and level up.

Seel in campus quadOur public safety officers are excited about the game as well, but Director of Public Safety Daniel J. Colonno leaves a word of caution to players: “Whether on or off campus, Pokémon GO players need to look up from their phones and pay attention to the real world, too.

"Other safety advice to students and employees who play the game include remaining alert and aware of your surroundings and play in pairs or groups in well-lit areas. Do not trespass on private property. And if you find yourself in an area on campus where you are feeling unsafe, contact MCLA Campus Police for an escort back to your vehicle or dorm.”

So whether you’re team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct, MCLA is a great place to Catch ‘em all!