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Jade Schnauber ’20 of Pittsfield, Mass., joins our Class of 2020’s future educators.

Future Teachers Embrace 4+1 Program


MCLA is pleased to offer this second story in a series of student profiles about our incoming Class of 2020. We are proud to introduce just a few of the many accomplished and diverse students who belong to this distinctive group, as we discover more about them, their hopes, their dreams, and their goals for the future as they look forward to and begin their MCLA careers.

Our Class of 2020 includes a number of future educators – including Morrison Robblee ’20 of Hopkins, Minn., and Jade Schnauber ’20 of Pittsfield, Mass. While Robblee wants to teach high school history, Schnauber’s interests include elementary education and English literature.

Both freshmen are enrolled in MCLA’s new 4+1 program, which will allow them to earn not only their bachelor’s degrees and teaching licenses, but also their master’s degrees – all in just five years. 

Schnauber and Robblee agree that perhaps the best part of the 4+1 program is the opportunity to save not only time, but money.

A native of the Berkshires, Schnauber enjoys skiing, reading, blogging and exploring the Berkshires with her friends. She will double major in elementary education and in English, with a concentration in literature. Upon her arrival at MCLA, she plans to join Yorick, the campus’s Shakespeare theatre club.

“I fell in love with literature when I acted in my first Shakespeare play and was able to truly understand the elaborate language that Shakespeare was so well known for,” she said. “I have always been a bit of a book worm, and am excited to make a much-loved hobby into my major.”

“When I began my college search I visited many different campuses,” Schnauber explained. However, the moment she stepped onto the MCLA campus, it “felt like home.”

According to Schnauber, “MCLA also offered me many awesome opportunities, which include the 4+1 and dual enrollment programs.” These programs, she said, were what brought her to MCLA from the start.

Robblee (above, right), who likes both watching and playing sports, also enjoys singing. He’s played the trombone since the fifth grade, and is fond of the theatre.

“I was heavily involved in theatre during high school, and I would love to continue that at MCLA,” he said. “I hope to keep improving my acting skills. MCLA’s theater programs are one reason I decided MCLA is the college for me.”

Robblee aims for a career as an educator who specializes in American history.

“I find it fascinating,” he said. “Whether in the classroom or out in the world, history is fun and educational. … History is, and always will be relevant, so we must strive to understand as much as we can about the subject and never forgot the lessons of the past.”

Robblee, who also will participate in MCLA’s Honors Program, said he had his heart set on MCLA long before he heard about the 4+1 program.

“It’s an incredible opportunity,” he said. “It certainly confirmed that MCLA is the perfect school for me.”