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Freshman Excels on Go Cart Racing Circuit

MCLA is pleased to continue this series of student profiles about our incoming Class of 2020. We are proud to introduce just a few of the many accomplished and diverse students who belong to this distinctive group, as we discover more about them, their hopes, their dreams, and their goals for the future as they conclude their first semester on campus.


In the third grade, Courtney Crews ’20 of Adams was kind to a classmate with autism, standing up for her when she was bullied by other classmates. As a result of that friendship, she decided to become an occupational therapist and work with children who have disabilities.

However, Crews – who majors in biology with a concentration in allied health – selected MCLA in part so she could continue another passion – go cart racing. Because Crews’ father raced stock cars, she “grew up at the track” from the time she was 2-years-old, but did not begin her own racing career until she was a freshman in high school.

Although she has a female friend whom she occasionally races, Crews is one of just a few women to participate in this male-dominated sport: she usually finds herself competing against men only.

Although her amateur races typically take place throughout upstate New York, last August Crews participated in her first-ever “pro” race with drivers from across the nation. “I was racing with guys from down South all the way up to upstate New York,” she explained.

“I was the only girl, and I qualified 16th out of 29 racers, and they were only taking 24,” Crews continued. “I ended up in 17th place, but I was proud of myself for just making it into the race. I was the only one without a national championship leather jacket on, and the only local driver who doesn’t race the national circuit.”

In addition to making it easy for her to continue to participate in the sport she loves because she can commute to the campus from her home, attending MCLA not only is a “cost–efficient” option, it allows Crews to continue her job as a nanny to two little girls who live nearby.

“The semester flew by. I cannot believe how fast it went,” she said.

“One of the pluses about MCLA that I really enjoy is the terrific resources it has,” said Crews. “I had a statistics tutor, and she was great. The resources for my ‘Intro to Biology’ class were just phenomenal. We had a supplemental instructor, and I had a tutor who also was really good to work with when I needed help.”

A “College Writing” class was a highlight of her first semester last fall.

“I never really had a writing class in high school, so I went into college not knowing any of the basics about writing like grammar and structure. It was always a weak subject of mine. I’ve really learned a lot this year. It was a lot of fun, and interesting to learn the different ways to write.”

She looks forward to her second semester, which will include classes in genetics, history and sociology.

“I’m glad I chose MCLA,” Crews said. “I can continue my job. I can still race when I want to. I’m still living at home, so I can go out into the garage and help my dad work on the cars.”