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Sociology Major Wins National Award


Alyssa award croppedAs she watched her high school assistance counselor interact with other students and their families during her senior year of high school, Alyssa St. Franc '19 of Providence, R.I., realized that her life’s career calling was to work as a school social worker.

Although St. Franc had never worked with a school social worker as a youth, her high school assistance counselor helped her with activities in various student clubs and events on campus, and had a large impact on her life.

“A school social worker assists students and their families while working with the school and the administration,” St. Franc explained. “It's a different position from a school counselor in that a school social worker can connect with students in the classroom, and with families in the home.”

She continued, “My ideal career would allow me be to be influential in the lives of youth, to let them know that their dreams are achievable.”

Recently, St. Franc was honored by the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) when the organization selected her as a recipient of this year’s Society State of Mind Award.

St. Franc, who represents the state of Massachusetts within the group of 50 NSLS award recipients, received a $1,000 scholarship as part of the honor.

“This award means a lot to me,” St. Franc said. “I love giving back to the community.”

The Society State of Mind Award is given to one NSLS member from each state who initiated a program or event within the previous academic year, or was a significant participant in a project or campaign which impacted their local community in a positive manner.

For her project, St. Franc was a driving force behind MCLA’s 22nd Annual Boo Bash in October. This free Halloween event, held for local children and their parents, features trick or treating and a costume party.

“I enjoyed it a lot,” St. Franc said. “Seeing the children's faces light up, with their Halloween costumes on, was such a great feeling.”

St. Franc, who majors in sociology and minors in social work, is part of the NSLS e-board. She also works as an office assistant at MCLA’s Susan B. Anthony Women’s Center, and serves as the secretary of the Sociology Society.

“It is important to be a leader,” St. Franc said. “In a society that tells its people to all be the same, it is imperative to stand out and pave your own way. This may also benefit others by inspiring them to become leaders.”

St. Franc is passionate about learning how to help others in their day-to-day lives.

“My academic experience at MCLA has been great so far!” she exclaimed. “The Sociology Department is great, and helps me to gain the skills I need for my major, minor and career choice.”