Alumnus: Discover What’s New at the Library


While a number of undergraduates may be aware of some recent changes at MCLA’s Freel Library, which include the fairly recent addition of various activities during the week of final exams – such as offering snacks to eat, puzzles to work on and adult coloring books to embellish to help the students de-stress – one of the newest members of the library staff wants everyone to know about the full array of services it offers.

“The biggest new thing for me is the Language and Literature Room on the lower level, which houses the portion of the collection that I interacted most with as a student,” said Alex Marshall ’12, who joined the staff at the Freel Library last fall. “It’s a cozy place with comfortable seating and an interesting collection of various fonts designed by MCLA art students.”

The best way for students to take advantage of all of the services available at the Freel Library, he said, is to learn all that they might avail themselves of.  For example, did you know that the library sells K-Cup beverages and has a charging station?

According to Marshall, “By diversifying the services that we offer here at the library, we are better able to meet the needs of the community we serve, whether they are looking for a specific book for a research project, or simply a place to unwind.”

A part-time evening and circulation assistant, Marshall was an English/communications major at MCLA, with a double concentration in writing and literature.

“My time as a student here fostered my love of books through the study of language and literature, and this job allows me to interact with one of my passions,” he said.

“As the weekend circulation assistant, I facilitate delivery of library resources to patrons, be it checking out a book, a laptop, or a DVD. I also oversee student workers, shelve the books, pull holds for Interlibrary Loan, and generally help preserve order through small projects.

As an MCLA student, Marshall was pleased with the personal interactions the school offers: “I felt that the professors had genuine interest in both their subject matter and in me as a student.”

Although he found his entire MCLA experience to be rewarding, the best part of being a student was the opportunity he had to travel to the United Kingdom as part of Professor Roseanne Denhard's “Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Britain Travel Course” not only once, but twice, when he returned with a second group as a teaching assistant.

“It was a vastly rewarding experience, providing me with a wealth of knowledge and letting me fully discover a place I’d always hoped to explore,” Marshall said.

One of his favorite things about the library is the quiet and studious atmosphere it provides, making it a very calming place to work, Marshall said. Now, he’s considering a library-related career.

“This position has allowed me to get a feel for circulation and library work, and I’ve found that it deeply appeals to me. I intend to pursue this field further,” he said.

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