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Anthony Barbosa ’15, (white cap) started his own clothing company, American Pyramids,
last spring. Another MCLA alumnus, Ramon Viches ’14 (red cap), is the company’s lead

Alumnus to Return to Campus with Fashion Show, Concert


During his senior year at MCLA, Anthony Barbosa ’15 of Worcester, Mass., helped lead the Trailblazers as captain for the men’s basketball team. Now, this sociology graduate is blazing a trail to success for others, through fashion, music, sports and community.

Barbosa’s company, American Pyramids, or “AP,” which he launched last March, “is more than just a fashion brand. We are a movement, a culture that I want to show the world,” he said.

He aims to inspire others – especially youth who live in the inner city – to reach higher, and to avoid poor choices that could impact their lives negatively.

“My dream is to not only make a great fashion line and help artists become great musicians, but also to build a culture around it, change lives, make communities great, and become a role model,” Barbosa said.

His clothing line – which he helps create with a Worcester designer – ranges from urban wear and high fashion to athletic wear, jackets and hats. Barbosa spends most of his time attending to the everyday operations of the company, as well as event planning.

On Aug. 27, he presented the first of what he expects to be an annual “Summer Jam Classic” in the neighborhood where he grew up. The free event featured a six-team basketball tournament and included fashion, music, a community cookout, haircuts by a local barber, and basketball giveaways.

“I made the event to give my community something positive to enjoy, and to give youth something to look forward to every summer,” Barbosa explained. “American Pyramids is not just about fashion and music. We are really here to support communities and help the youth.”

On Saturday, Oct. 15, Barbosa will return to campus to host the “Rep Your Flag Party,” presented by the Black Student Union and ALANA, in Venable Gym from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. An American Pyramids premier fashion show, the event will include hip hop and soul musical performances by ABK Rus and Ralph Weah. Tickets are $2 for MCLA students, $3 for non-MCLA students.

“MCLA truly helped me get to where I am today. Basketball helped me to mature as a man and to become a leader, on and off the court,” Barbosa said. “The experiences and the things I learned from the great people at MCLA truly have helped me to create American Pyramids, and help bring it to the next level.”

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