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Kaitlin Wright ’18 met State Attorney General Maura Healey (above) and Gov. Charlie Baker (below) at the Intern Speaker’s Series, a regular part of her internship experience at the State House. Bottom right, at a Custom House Maritime Museum event.

Double Major Serves Two Internships


Kaitlin Wright ’18 of Haverhill, Mass., a double major in political science and history, also doubled up on her internships this past summer: In addition to serving a political science assignment at the State House in Boston with State Rep. Brian Dempsey, she held a second internship – this one in history – at the Custom House Maritime Museum in Newburyport.

While her work at the State House with Demsey – who serves as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee – gave Wright a better understanding of how politics and policy work, her time at the Custom House Maritime Museum allowed her to learn about a part of history that she had no prior knowledge of.

“My time at the Massachusetts State House this summer was truly a once in a lifetime experience,” Wright said. “Not only was I able to use my classroom knowledge of political science firsthand, but I also learned so much more by actually working in the field.”

Much of her time was spent helping constituents.

“We receive so many letters, e-mails, and phone calls urging the Chairman to vote a certain way on a bill, and part of my job was to ensure that every person got a response,” Wright explained.

At the Custom House Maritime Museum, she researched exhibit topics, as well as the history behind Newburyport’s urban renewal. She also gave tours, set up exhibits, and worked in the gift shop.

The opportunity to have both internship experiences made her future career path clear: Wright plans to embark on a life devoted to public service. While she plans to start out by running for city council in her hometown after she graduates, ultimately, she is aiming for the White House, to one day become President of the United States.

Wright’s work at the State House taught her that, as a senator or representative, she will have the ability to have a positive impact on others.

“Oftentimes we would have people call and explain that they had just lost their job or a situation to that effect. All it took on our end was a couple of calls to various departments, and we are able to get those people the help that they needed. By working as a public servant, you change people’s lives for the better, daily,” she said.

Wright added, “I want to change the world, or at least change as many people’s worlds for the better that I can. I do not want to be the classic politician; I truly want to work for the people and create policy that will help my constituents.”