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Freshman Aspires to Teach English Literature


MCLA is pleased to offer this story in a series of student profiles about our incoming Class of 2020. We are proud to introduce just a few of the many accomplished and diverse students who belong to this distinctive group, as we discover more about them, their hopes, their dreams, and their goals for the future as they begin their MCLA careers.

Inspired by her high school English teachers and the great impact they had on her, Amanda Botelho ’20 of Lowell, Mass., has decided to follow their examples for her life’s career as she double majors in secondary education and English – with a concentration in literature.

“I chose English because it has always been my favorite subject in school,” she said. “I believe teaching at the high school level will be most interesting, because that's when kids read some of the most important works of literature.”

Most of all, she hopes to get her students thinking, even after each of the classes she will teach is over. “I want to make them ask ‘Why?’ I don't ever want them to stop asking questions about the world around them, which is often portrayed in literature,” Botelho said.

She also wants to ensure that her students are great communicators – whether they are writing or speaking.  

“Communication is the most important art that we are losing today. With social media and rising technology, I’ve noticed that conversation is losing its depth, and I’m passionate about fixing that,” Botelho said.

She discovered the College at her high school’s college fair. After her first visit to campus, “I couldn’t stop thinking about MCLA.”

Botelho also participates in our 4+1 program, which will allow her to earn her bachelor’s degree, teaching license, and her master’s degree – all in just five years. The opportunity played a major role in her decision to attend MCLA.

“Being able to get my master’s degree not only at the same school I started at, but in only five years, seemed like a no-brainer for me,” Botelho explained. “I loved the campus. Then, hearing about this program made me ultimately decide on MCLA.

“Being able to get a master’s in five years is awesome. It will help me save time and money, and jump into my career sooner,” she added.

As her education continues, she anticipates becoming a more independent and self-reliant version of herself. An on-campus resident, this semester marks the first time she’s lived on her own, which, she said, “will be the true test of my independence.”

In addition to wanting to participate in musicals and other staged productions at MCLA, Botelho is considering starting up a show choir club on campus. Music is a “huge” part of her life, as she was very involved with her high school’s performing arts program. Musicals are her favorite.

“The experience – with rehearsals and having to memorize so many lines and so much music, while still getting enough sleep and finishing my homework – taught me discipline. I use everything I learned from being in musicals every day,” she said.