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From left, Zengxi Yang, Tianlu Chen, Yi Fu, Yao Xie and Kai Fu.

Shanghai Students Attend MCLA


It’s been a month since five Chinese students arrived on campus, where they are embracing MCLA, and life in America, with enthusiasm. From China’s Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE), they’re studying this fall at MCLA as part of a student exchange agreement between the two institutions.

Although she’s been on campus for more than four weeks, Kai Fu said it feels more like mere seconds: “I’m having a really wonderful time here,” she said. “Studying overseas is an exciting opportunity for me because it is the first time that I have been to the USA.”

Kai Fu, who studies finance at SUIBE, chose to attend MCLA to learn more about American culture. Classes at MCLA, she said, consist of fewer students, which she finds beneficial.

“I like my studies here not only because I have a better environmentto study English, but I’ve also made friends with different people from different regions and countries,” Kai Fu said.

Yi Fu decided to attend MCLA to experience a different culture and to become more independent. Although she is an English major and studies English literature at SUIBE, her focus at MCLA is on business administration and management.

Her classes include those in literature, philosophy and banking. But her favorite class is piano, and her private piano lessons. She’s also fond of American cuisine – macaroni and sandwiches, in particular.

Although Yi Fu notes that, “there’s a lot of homework,” when she has free time, she frequently can be found in MCLA’s Church Street Center, playing the piano.

One look at the home page on MCLA’s website was enough to convince Tianlu Chen to take advantage of the opportunity. “It’s where I learned everything about the College, initially. There’s tons of useful information, and you certainly feel the welcoming atmosphere and passion.”

Once on campus – where she takes courses in philosophy, literature and film – Chen wasn’t disappointed.  “The professors and my classmates here are amazing,” she exclaimed.

Living in her room in one of MCLA’s residence halls, Chen said – with its microwave and mini-fridge, and without a nightly curfew – is what she imagines it might be like to have her own apartment.

“Compared with studying and living in SUIBE, I feel much more in control of my time here,” she explained. However, the best part of being at MCLA, according to Chen,  is its community: “You may be alone but never lonely. It is a really heartwarming feeling that you are sure someone will help you.”

Yi Fu agreed. “The people here are so nice! And I really enjoy the food.”