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Below, John Hollows ’12 hikes during a vacation abroad, and with Daniel McDermott ’12 at MCLA for an alumni rugby match last April.

History Grad Excels in Computer Analytics


John HollowsJohn Hollows ’12 never took a computer science class while at MCLA, but he uses his talent for attention to detail – something he honed as a history major – at a company that provides software compliance intelligence and usage analytics. As the data success program manager at Revulytics in Waltham, Mass., his responsibilities include tracking down illegal software usage.

“Only towards the end of my time at MCLA did I begin to seriously think about what came next,” he recalled. However, a friend from high school told him about an opening at the technology company he worked for.

Because he had a background in computers and technology from his youth, he decided to apply for the position.

“My time at MCLA prepared me by giving me the confidence to know that I could really do anything I wanted to,” Hollows said. His education and the unexpected career that followed, he added, “turned out better than I could have hoped.”

At Revulytics, “We help companies find out who is using unlicensed copies of their products, and ideally get them to become a paying customer, or pay for damages,” he explained.

John Hollows rugbyAs the leader of the data success team, “I help directly manage the compliance and customer services of some of our more key accounts. I also manage a junior team of data investigators who go through the piracy data in large quantities.”

Hollows said his overall academic experience at MCLA was “wonderful.”

“The history department especially provided a nice balance of friendliness and professionalism. You could tell that they cared about people actually reaching their potential, and how their students grew as adults,” he explained.

It was while writing papers for his history classes that taught Hollows how to pick out the most important details when reading through a large amount of information, something that is  “immensely important” when it comes to his job in computer analytics.

Hollows said he “absolutely” recommends MCLA and the history program to prospective students. He wants them to know that there are numerous career options for history majors, beyond teaching.

“Some of my fellow historians have gone onto jobs in museums, libraries, and archives, and also had the opportunities to do something very unrelated, such as myself,” he said.