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Broadcast Grad Lands Position at CNYCentral


Since he was about 12 years old, Dan Wohler ’17 knew that he wanted to work in broadcast news. “I was intrigued by the idea of captivating an audience for a 30-minute to an hour broadcast. I would watch both local and national evening news broadcasts with my parents as a kid, and was fascinated by the presence of the anchors and reporters,” he explained.

Just a few months after he graduated with his degree in English/Communications – where he concentrated in broadcast media and journalism – Wohler landed a job as a digital news producer for CNYCentral in Syracuse, N.Y. CNYCentral encompasses three major television stations in Syracuse: WSTM (NBC), WTVH (CBS) and WSTQ (CW). Producers, he said, are the people who write much of what news consumers read online or hear on TV, “so, they play a huge role in the news process.”

“I enjoy the storytelling and community aspect of news,” he said. “Providing an audience with relevant, impactful information is something I’m passionate about. I enjoy broadcast and digital news because of the visual element. Pictures and video can oftentimes tell a story much better than words can. I also enjoy gathering and spreading information. I think there's no better time to be a journalist than right now. Today more than ever we need factual, unbiased, objective reporting that people can trust and rely on. An informed community leads to a more cohesive and connected community.”

Dan Wohlet headsetAccording to Wohler, MCLA best prepared him for his job by providing him with a well-rounded skill set. “I managed live-streamed events. I wrote, shot, and edited news packages. I produced programs, and gained live, on-air experience,” he explained. “While at MCLA I wanted to be an anchor/reporter – as I still do – but through internships and experience on-campus, I learned there is a lot more to news than the people you see on TV.”

At MCLA, Wohler participated in a sports broadcasting internship during his sophomore, junior, and senior years. “In that position I managed live-streamed broadcasts for MCLA’s athletic programs. I also provided live, in-game, play-by-play and analysis commentary, and conducted live interviews with coaches, players, and fans during broadcasts,” he explained. “I hosted and produced weekly athletics recap programs, and designed student-athlete profile packages, all for MCLA Athletics’ website.”

The summer just before his senior year, Wohler served an internship at WMUR (ABC) in Manchester, N.H., as a production assistant. During his final year at the College, he launched and designed Beacon Web News, a weekly video news program, produced through MCLA’s The Beacon student newspaper, where he anchored and produced weekly programs, and wrote, shot, edited, and reported news packages.

“What a student participates in outside the classroom is just as important as what they do inside the classroom. My ‘extra-curricular’ experience provided me with many of the skills I use on a daily basis in my current position,” Wohler said.

“I chose MCLA for the price, and the sense of community I felt the second I first set foot on campus. I also liked the small class sizes, and the broadcast media program. The fact that there was a fully functioning, operational television studio on campus didn't hurt either.”