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MCLA Announces Innovative, Accelerated Business Program


Motivated and hard-working students who are interested in business administration may take advantage of MCLA’s new Three-Year Business Administration Degree Program, which will allow them to earn their degree a full year sooner than those enrolled in a traditional business degree program.

“The three-year accelerated program is a great opportunity for committed and goal-oriented students who want to go on to graduate study or enter the workforce earlier, and, at the same time, save on college expenses,” said Monica Joslin, dean of academic affairs.

MCLA is the first and only college out of the nine universities in the Massachusetts State University System to offer this innovative program, which allows a three-year business student to save a full year’s worth of room and board. The program’s general business concentration allows students the flexibility to earn a business degree that conforms to their needs in a shortened time frame.

Those who enroll in the accelerated program will enjoy the same, high-quality educational experience as a traditional business student.

Dr. Thomas Whalen, assistant professor of business administration explained, “These students will all take the same classes as everyone else. The only difference is that there are two summer sessions that are a full 15 credits. Most students will usually only take one or two summer classes during their entire stay.”

In addition to the two summer sessions, students in this program will attend six regular semesters. Classes will include those offered on campus, as well as hybrid and online courses, and summer internships.

According to Gina Puc ’07, director of admission at MCLA, business administration continues to remain one of the most popular majors among students in Berkshire County and beyond. 

“Prospective students are interested in this option, as many of them are looking for ways to cut time to graduation and save costs,” Puc said. “It allows them to take advantage of and maximize any early college credits they received in high school through dual enrollment courses or AP classes.” 

“With proper planning and a lot of hard work from the student, they can earn many of the same credentials that a four-year student can earn,” Whalen said. “For high school students who are already earning college credits, the process is that much easier. The key here is proper planning, forethought and hard work.

“Each individual student will need to meet with their adviser early in their first semester to make sure they get the right classes, in the right order, right from the get-go,” he added.

Excellent candidates for the Three-Year Business Administration Degree Program will enter with AP or College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) credit. However, all motivated, hard-working students may apply.

High school students should contact MCLA Admissions advisors to help plan which high school courses will complement a business administration major. Once accepted into the program, students will be matched with a business faculty advisor to guide their course selection and internship placement.