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Andrew Baillargeon

Campus filmmaker Andrew Baillargeon ’19 also is the host of “The Call” and “Senator Baillargeon’s Forum” on MCLA’s radio station, WJJW.

Campus Filmmaker Aims for Career in Sports Commentary


Andrew Baillargeon ’19 of Pittsfield, Mass., is involving a number of students on campus in one of his favorite pastimes: making short films that he casts via calls for actors that he posts on various MCLA-related Facebook pages.

Baillargeon, whose major is English/Communications with a concentration in broadcast media and a minor in political science, did not start making movies until he arrived on campus. As a freshman, he took “Basic TV Production,” which introduced him to creating various, basic films.

Also the host of “The Call” and “Senator Baillargeon’s Forum” on MCLA’s own radio station, WJJW, Baillargeon – who serves as the sole editor for the campus’s Television and Film Society on campus, creates the films both for fun and as part of coursework for various classes he takes.

“I enjoy expressing myself in all facets of life,” said Baillargeon, who also is a vocal member of the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Senate and president of MCLA’s Debate Club. “With filmmaking, expressing myself becomes different, because it gives me more creative power than I have ever had in the real world: I write the script, I dictate what happens and where. Most importantly, I can use special effects when editing to distort the concept of reality itself.”

An extremely broad variety of MCLA students volunteer to appear in his films. None of them are “repeat” actors. “They’ve been mostly theatre students, but I have had students from other majors appear in them, as well.” Baillargeon said.

Last year, he produced a demonstration film to show to his peers in the Television and Film Society what he could do. The film, Baillargeon said, generated a very strong, positive response. Next, he would like to make a politically themed film, about two people who are running for the office of a college class president.

“One is a Democrat, the other is a Republican. They harass and attack each other, vandalize each other’s campaign posters,” he explained. “They just do the nastiest things to each other, but the end of the film was meant for me to find a way for the two to realize that having differing political ideologies doesn’t mean they’re bad people. They need to realize that they’re both trying to help their community through their own means, and have the same bottom line.”

Despite his filmmaking activities, after he graduates, Baillargeon aims to enter the field of sports commentary. His ultimate career would be to provide play-by-play television sports commentary for a Major Baseball League team – the Cleveland Indians. “If that doesn’t happen, politics are also a possibility,” he said.

A very involved student on campus, Baillargeon also serves as vice president of WJJW; is the events director for MCLA’s chapter of Her Campus; serves as the sports columnist for the student-run newspaper, the Beacon; is an intern for state Sen. Adam Hind in the district office; is on the Spires staff; and serves on SGA’s public safety, food, and its constitution committees.