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Heinen brothers

From left, Daniel Heinen ’18, Gabriel Heinen ’19 and Raphael Heinen ’19 recently were joined on the MCLA campus by their brother, John Heinen ’21 (below).

Four Brothers Attend MCLA Together


John HeinenFirst there was Daniel Heinen ’18. When he was a sophomore, his brothers Raphael Heinen ’19 and Gabriel Heinen ’19 – who are twins – joined him on campus. This fall, the fourth and final Heinen brother, John Heinen ’21, made this college their family’s college, as all four siblings attend MCLA.

“At first, I wasn’t quite sure which college I wanted to go to, but since my brother, Daniel had applied and I had heard good things from him about MCLA, I decided to give it a look,” Raphael said.

After traveling from their Little Falls, N.Y., home to see the campus for themselves, “It wasn’t too surprising that Gabriel decided to attend as well,” Raphael continued. “We were both pretty intrigued with MCLA from hearing about it from Daniel.” However, “I was surprised that John decided to attend, as well.”

John disagreed. “We were always close, growing up. Because of this, everyone going to college together is not surprising.”

“My brothers and I were raised knowing we were going to go to college. It was non-negotiable and just the way it was, so college always was a goal of mine.” John continued. “The path to college hasn’t been easy for any of the four of us. The fact that we're all doing it together just makes achieving that goal better, brighter, and more fun. We’ve been in this together from the beginning.”

Although John is still considering which major to study, Daniel is a double major in computer science and biology. He and the twins, both of whom major in computer science, lived together last year in an off-campus apartment.

“It is not uncommon for us to do our computer science homework together,” Daniel explained. “We help each other as much as we can. One of us might have a better idea of how to do homework, and if one or two of us are stumped, usually the other can help the other out.

“Sometimes one of us will be taking a class that the other already took so we can help each other that way, too. If you are having a tough time with a class or college in general, your brothers are there. If you start slacking, one will probably call you on it.”

According to Gabriel, MCLA is a great place to be a computer science major.

“Some of my best experiences have been in the computer science department with the professors. The classes are always fun, and engaging, even when it gets challenging,” he said. “Having my brothers on campus has made my college experience great. Daniel helped me my first year by showing me around the campus, and Raphael and I take a lot of the same classes, and study together.”

With the “Heinen squad” now complete, Daniel said, “It’s really cool. We all get along really well and are close enough in age that we have a lot of fun. Since there are three of us that have been in college for a total of seven years all together, we can definitely help John out and make his college experience great.”