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MCLA Student Awards and Scholarships


As our students prepare for their post-grad lives (or just pack up to go home for the summer), we’re reflecting back on the impressions they have made here on campus. The following students were recognized at the end of the Spring 2019 semester for going above and beyond in their studies, as club and organization leaders, and as community citizens. MCLA also offers more than 100 scholarships for qualifying students. We’re proud of each and every MCLA student and are proud to share this list with the world!


Student Affairs Leadership Awards

MCLA holds a Student Affairs Leadership Recognition Dinner every year in April. The following students received awards:


Distinguished Service

Andrew Baillargeon

Erika Lucia


Club Executive Member of the Year Award

Jake Vitali


Diane Collins Scholarship

Fabby Street


Leadership Achievement Award

Emily Resabala


Student Development Change Agent Award

Julie Gambill


Randall Warren "Unsung" Hero Award

Jacob Ostrobinski


Rising Star

Meagan Murphy


Behind the Scenes

Osayi (Prince) Ayinal


Outstanding Senior Leader

Emily Sawtelle

Erika Lucia

Eva Weeks

Celine Manigbas

Breanna Castor


Vice President’s Award for Distinguished Leadership, Scholarship, and Service

Connor Ogborn


Multicultural Advancement Award

Maya McFadden


Newman Civic Fellow Award

Julie Gambill


Lorraine B. Maloney Spirit of Service Award

Brianna Higgins


NRHH Inductees

Annemarie Boyle

Emily Cruz

Max Gabrielly

Shantell Manzira

Ryan Meehan

Alexis Nason

Taylor Pickup

Hannah Sorensen

Maddie Taber

Ashanti Thomas


Heather Fischlein Memorial Resident Advisor Scholarship

Katie Howe


Outstanding Resident Student Scholarship

Emma Bayle


Massachusetts Governor’s 29 Who Shine Award

Lindsey Carter


Academic Department Awards

Specific awards given by MCLA’s academic departments


Biology Achievement Award

Paige Williams


Environmental Studies Achievement Award

Katie Howe ‘20


Health Achievement Award

Philip Malm


Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work Department Award

Alyssa St. Franc

Victoria Martischnig


MCLA Scholar Program Award

Bri Sarno

Emily Sawtelle

Michael Hannett

Nicole Nadeau

Victoria Munoz

Williams Fines-Kested

Jordan Darling


English/Communications Dept. Awards

One of the College’s largest departments, the English/Communications faculty and staff honor their students annually with an awards ceremony.



Randolph Trabold Photo-Journalism Award

Maya McFadden


Joseph G. Mansfield Memorial Award      

Julia Teixeira


Donald A. Thurston Communications Scholarship                

Symantha Kehr


Ruth P. and Nicholas Boraski Scholarship

T.J. Karis

Sylvia Broome


Ellen J. Bernstein/Gabsby Fund for Journalism      

Maya McFadden

Hannah Snell


Ellen J. Bernstein Journalism Internship Fund        

Maya McFadden

Julia Teixeira

Symantha Kehr

Jacob Vitali


James A. Hardman Scholarship

Jacob Vitali


Award for Excellence in Writing Studio Management        

Lianne Gallant


Award for Excellence in Writing Studio Tutoring  

Jordan DeGaetano

Justin O'Connor

Katherine Duval

Hannah Snell

J.T. Murray


Award for Excellence in Community Outreach    

Don'Jea Smith

Callie Higgins

Erika Lucia


Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research               

Michael Masley Hannett


Award for Excellence in Literary Analysis

Allison O'Keefe


Award for Excellence in Literary Criticism

Jacob Valenti


Award for Excellence in Literary Studies 

Kathleen Hayman


Award for Excellence in Language Studies               

Rowan Lampert


Award for Excellence in Literary Editing (Spires)   

Katherine Duval

Callie Higgins

Jacob Valenti

Allison O'Keefe

Alyssa St. Franc

Caitlin Mayes

Jacqueline Gamache


Award for Excellence in Publication Design (Spires)             

Allison O'Keefe

Nicholas Bassett

Hannah Snell


Award for Excellence in Creative Writing (Poetry)                

Dalaina Yamawaki


Award for Excellence in Poetics of Travel Writing

Reshawna Maine


Award for Excellence in Writing 

Michael Rotigliano


Award for Excellence in Fantasy 

Jacqueline Gamache

Amanda Beres


Award for Excellence in Broadcasting       

Robert Wehry


Award for Excellence in Journalism            

Allison Thienel


Award for Excellence in Beacon Web News            

Karen Canela


Award for Excellence in Beacon Web News Community News      

Shunquell Dennis


Award for Outstanding Work as an Off-Campus Intern     

Tessa Sestito


Award for Outstanding Work in the Beacon          

Jacob Vitali


Award for Outstanding Work Copy Editing              

Elizabeth Haight


Award for Outstanding Work as the Editor-at-Large           

Ron Leja


Award for Outstanding Work at Beacon Design   

Nicholas Bassett


Award for Outstanding Work in the Beacon News Writing/Reporting        

Nathan Biron


Award for Outstanding Work in the Beacon A&E Writing

Jennifer VanBramer


Award for Outstanding Work in Publication Design & Typography                 

Emily Sienkiewicz


Award for Excellence in Film Studies         

Raelyn Silvester


Award for Excellence in Film Production

Oghenemarho Ogilo


Award for Excellence in Film Analysis        

Madison Mayer


Award for Excellence in Literary Scholarship          

Katherine Duval


Award for Excellence in Class Leadership & Discussion      

Antoinette Webster

Tarah Valin


Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Studies

Kathleen Hayman

Jordan DeGaetano

Eliza Randazzo


Award for Excellence in Introduction to Literature             

Samantha Herrington


Award for Excellence in Essay Writing       

Alyna Cubilete Carbonell


Award for Outstanding Service to WJJW

Andrew Baillargeon


Award for Outstanding Service to WJJW

Luke O'Brien


Award for Excellence in Novels in Context Class (Spring 2019)        

Erin Carney


Award for Excellence in Critical Reading Class (Fall 2018)  

Katherine Duval


Award for Excellence in Shakespeare Studies (Spring 2019)            

Nicholas Gamble


Award for Excellence in Milton Studies (Fall 2018)               

Michael Garrity


Award for Excellence in Literary Analysis & Criticism (Fall/Spring 2018-2019)           

Tessa Langsdale


Award for Excellence in Crip Technique  

Matthew McKinney


Award for Outstanding Work as a Podcast Intern                 

Brianna McNamara

Hannah Snell

Allison O'Keefe

Symantha Kehr

Emily Sienkiewicz

Madeline McConnell


Award for Excellence in Creative Writing (Poetry)                

Shawna Hennessy


Award for Excellence in Literary Studies 

Madison Mayer


Award for Excellence in Literary Analysis

T.J. Karis


Award for Excellence in Critical Media Theory      

T.J. Karis


Award for Excellence in Latinx Cultural Studies    

Tarah Valin


Award for Excellence in Latinx Cultural Studies    

Karina Mattera


Award for Excellence in Cultural Studies & Close Reading

Caitlin Mayes


Award for Excellence in Independent Research in African American Studies           

Lianne Gallant


Award for Excellence in Public Relations 

Tessa Sestito


Award for Excellence in Business Writing                 

Julianne Clarke


Award for Excellence in Service Learning                 

Emily Sienkiewicz


Award for Outstanding Work as the Engl/Comm Dept Social Media Intern               

Symantha Kehr


Athletics Awards

MCLA’s Athletics Department holds an annual banquet to announce and celebrate Athletics award recipients.


Highest GPA

Khalil Kareh- Men's Soccer

Kaitlyn Berghela- Softball


Chi Alpha Sigma- 1st Year

Christian Seariac

Kara Adams

Ben Durland

Kim Granito

Hannah Sorensen

Owen Fitzgerald

Nate Wojtaszek

Brianna Morris

Sara LaFreniere

Karina Mattera


Chi Alpha Sigma- 2nd Year

Tessa Sestito

Khalil Kareh

Celine Manigbas

Breanna Castor

Corey Powers

Lauren Mangiardi

Nevada Nelsen

Megan Richardson

Samantha Schwantner

Kate Mancini

Kaitlyn Berghela


Most Valuable Players

Colin Rousseau- Men's Soccer

Hannah Van De Water- Women's Soccer

Reese Dwyer- Golf

Julie Gambill- Women's Cross Country

Corey Powers- Men's Cross Country

Sara LaFreniere- Volleyball

Mckenzie Robinson- Women's Basketball

Mike Demartinis- Men's Basketball

Sam Gawron- Women's Tennis

Cal Najimy- Men's Tennis

Kim Granito- Women's Lacrosse

Kaitlyn Berghela- Softball

Bobby New- Baseball


Top Underclass Athletes

Cetera Moore- Women's Soccer

Mike Demartinis- Men's Basketball


Top Upperclass Athletes

Kaitlyn Berghela- Softball

Bobby New- Baseball


Sue Getchell Award

Megan Richardson- Women's Soccer


Louis Parisien Award

Christian Seariac- Baseball


Additional Awards and Scholarships

MCLA offers more than 100 awards and scholarships for students who qualify.


Computer Science Award/Ada Lovelace Computer Science Outstanding Student Award

Celine Manigbas


Education/Raymond C. Sullivan Award

Nicholas Wright

Fine and Performing Arts


Andrew S. Flagg Art Award

Bailey Brissett

Amanda Romanelli


Francis H. Bissaillon Memorial Drama Award

Braxton Vittori


Harlequin Drama Award

Amanda Gilmore


Vivian Dix Redman Award

Trevor Wheelock


Wilfred J. and Marion Quitin Music Award

Eric Robbins


History/Political Science/ Geography


Edmund K. Luddy Memorial Award

Meghan Doyle


Bob Bence Scholarship

Corey Powers


Ames Samuel Pierce History/PolSci Award

Samantha Herrington




Ellen Schiff French Award

Neil Tupper


Anthony Nicastro Spanish/Italian Award

Carenne Dieujuste




Iris Cavazza Lilly Award

Kelli Garrant




Samuel H. Clarke Memorial Award

Kenny Olchowski


Psychology Department Award

Kara Adams


Residential Programs and Services


Heather Fischlein Memorial Award

Katherine Howe


Outstanding Resident Student

Emma Bayle


Sociology Anthropology, and Social Work


Thomas and Jean Price Award

Amalia Badohu

Kylah Langston


Additional Scholarships


Academic Achievement Scholar

Kelsey Sherman


Academic Transfer Scholarship

Bryan Vega


Alumni Scholarship

Kimberly Granito                

Philip Malm         

Morgan Noller   

Jabari Shakir        


Melvin Band Scholarship

Erika Burgess


Blue Chip Scholarship

Drew Pare


Board of Trustees Scholarship

Nathan Wojtaszek


Boodram and Morris Scholarship

Benjamin Durland


Bressette Scholarship

Lindsey Rosa


Henry Bruton Scholarship

Olympia Casivant

Laiken Cornwell-L'Hote

Jaqueline Gamache

Mackenzie Huntoon

Jessica Jones

Jenna Revord

Ellen Richardson

Ivelisse Rodriguez

Tiffany Serrano

Mackenzie Viola


Gailanne Cariddi Memorial Scholarship

Shon Loftus


Charles Jackson Craig Scholars

Brianna Baez

Jeremiah Figueroa

Ravy Gomes

Mariama Ndiaye


Christopher, Michael And Elaine Scholarship

Jacob Mack


Leilani Claire Scholarship

Xaida Brazeau

Sophie Rice

Najah Sims


Samuel Clarke Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth Olchowski


Class of 1954 Scholarship

Idaliz  Diaz


Class of 1965 Scholarship

Jessica Kratka


Class of 1966 Scholarship

Kiah Daviega


Class of 1986 Scholarship

Apollo Gillete

Brianna McNamara


Community Service Scholarship

Emily Sienkewicz


Crowe Scholarship

Temesghen Reda


Denise Richardello Scholarship

Danielle Craver


Pamela Dennis Scholarship

Emily Tarnawa

Crystal Wojcik


Diane Collins SGA Scholarship

Fabienne Bogardus- Street


Philomena Dolan Scholarship

Caroline Noonan


Donald Dion, Jr. Scholarship

Kevin Speech


Dr. John Moresi Scholarship

Paige Williams


Educators Scholarship

Heather Brzykcy

Abbigail Luczynski


Ellen Schiff French Award

Neil Tupper


Fairbanks Family Scholarship

Parker Snyder


Fischlein Memorial Scholarship

Katie Howe


Fisher Scholarship

Gillian Fournier

Kaley Norsworthy


Foster Family Scholarship

Dahndray Sistrunk


Jenny Rosenburg Fyler Scholarship

Brianna Christie


Gary Kelley Scholarship

Nevada Nelsen


Girls, Inc. Scholarship

Joannda Loftus


Walter Grant Scholarship

Bianca Lascase


Barbara Haddad Scholarship

Lazarus Abreu

Nicole Patri


Avaz Hajizadeh Scholarship

Melanie Dow


Harding Scholarship

Anne-Marie Boyle


Margaret Hart Scholarship

Whitney Eastland

Maya Mcfadden


Health Achievement Award

Philip Malm


John M.C. Hess Scholarship

Adelard Leferbvre


Honors Program Scholarship

Haley Rode

Tarah Valin


International Travel Scholarship

Lorinda Kalajian


Jaffe Scholarship

Mariah Baca

Bethany Maloy

Declan McDermott

Caroline Noonan


Timothy Jay Scholarship

Briana Higgins


Evelyn Jorge Scholarship

Edward Burdick

Tessa Gonsalves

Parker Snyder

Allison Williams

Kathleen Hayman

Natalie Torrey


Jane K. Kahlert Scholarship

Lindsey Vachon

Megan Walsh


Karrey Scholarship

Emily Edwards


Leonesio Scholarship

Reshawna Maine


Iris Cavazza Lilly Scholarship

Kelli Garrant


Edmund K. Luddy Scholarship

Meghan Doyle


Joseph G. Mansfield Award

Julia Teixeira

James May Scholarship

Miranda Wissman


MCLA Scholarship

Amanda Beres

Sabrina Damms

Iris McPherson

Jacob Valenti

DeAnna Wardwell


Nancy Wright Scalise Cozzaglio Scholarship

Sydney Johnson


NASC Scholarship

Meghan Doyle


Ames Samuel Pierce Award

Lorinda Kalajian


Paula Nickerson Plock Scholarship

Stephanie Nguyen


Psychology Award

Kara Adams


Wilfred and Marion Quinton Music Award

Eric Robbins


Lee Hamilton Ransford Memorial Scholarship

Paula Kingsbury-Evans

Jacinda Pinnock


Bernard “Bud” Riley Scholarship (Accounting)

Crystal Wojick


Bernard “Bud” Riley Scholarship (Business)

Emily McAdoo


Bernard “Bud” Riley Scholarship (Business)

Stephanie Melito


Bernard “Bud” Riley Scholarship (MBA)

Giancarlo Bravo


Kathleen Shea Scholarship

Madison Gigliotti


Michael Silsby Scholarship

Madison Taber


Ann Ruth Chase Spurr Scholarship

Danielle Laureano


Norma Starr Scholarship

Shantell Manzira


Sullivan Award

Nicholas Wright


Donald Thurston Scholarship

Symantha Kehr


Ida Maino Trabold Scholarship

Ella Suters


Randy Trabold Scholarship

Maya McFadden


Visual Arts Scholarship

Samantha Hinds

Kelsey Sherman


Mitchell West Scholarship

Roberto Castillo


Donald Westall Scholarship

Daniel Berk

Brooke Schlundt


Sharron Zavattaro Scholarship

Lorinda Kalajian