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Meet the Class of 2020

We are proud to introduce a story series profiling just a few of the many accomplished and diverse students who belong to #MCLA2020. Read on to discover more about this accomplished group's hopes, dreams, and goals for the future as they begin their MCLA careers.

Karen CanelaFreshman Pursues Broadcast Career
In pursuit of a career in broadcast media, English/Communications major Karen Canela ’20 of New York, N.Y., plans to inform people about the events that happen around the world each day, as she helps to capture historic moments that effect change.


Amanda BotelhoFreshman Aspires to Teach English Literature
Inspired by her high school English teachers and the great impact they had on her, Amanda Botelho ’20 of Lowell, Mass., has decided to follow their examples for her life’s career as she double majors in secondary education and English – with a concentration in literature. 



Schmal ForbesBahamian Baseball Player Joins Trailblazers
As an 8-year-old, Schamal Forbes ’20 of Nassau, Bahamas, started out playing baseball with the Junior Baseball League of Nassau. He began as a catcher, but evolved into the position of shortstop – the position he came to MCLA to play. 


Issa JallohFreshman Aims for Medical Career
When he was a boy growing up in Sierra Leone, Africa, Issa Jalloh ’20 of Lynn, Mass., contracted malaria and came down with a high fever. But when his father took him to the hospital, he was refused treatment because of their inability to pay for it. Were it not for the kindness of a stranger who agreed to cover his bill, Jalloh may not have survived.


After Growing up Around the World, Freshman Attends MCLA
Throughout high school, Ava Zigmand ’20 played volleyball, basketball, softball and participated in track and field events. While it may sound as though she was a typical American teenager, Zigmand had never attended school in the United States before she arrived at MCLA this fall. 


KoreeMusical Theatre to take Center Stage for Freshman
Koree Woodley-Adjei ’20 of New York City, N.Y., has been an active member of the Harlem Vocal Ensemble. At MCLA, she looks forward to joining the Allegrettos acapella group, the sign language and filmmaking clubs, the Black Student Union, and maybe even the women's lacrosse team! 


 Sebastian PhillipsRaised in Mexico City, Freshman Looks Forward to MCLA
Sebastian Phillips ’20 will bring his love of soccer to MCLA when he joins the Class of 2020 next week. He says it’s one of the best things he’ll bring with him from his home in Mexico City, Mexico. 


MCLA Class of 2020 profileFuture Educators Embrace 4+1 Program
Our Class of 2020 includes a number of future educators – including Morrison Robblee ’20 of Hopkins, Minn., and Jade Schnauber ’20 of Pittsfield, Mass. While Robblee wants to teach high school history, Schnauber’s interests include elementary education and English literature.