Practical Value

There are many reasons to choose MCLA for your graduate program in education.

Range of Options: Whether you're looking for a master's degree, a post-master's degree program, leadership training, or licensure, you'll find it here. At MCLA, you'll find programs that support a wide range of career interests - from special education to early childhood education, and from administration to English. Don't see an area of interest listed here? Talk to us; some programs allow for flexibility in exploring specific professional goals and interests.

Convenience: You deserve a program that works around your schedule, your needs, and your lifestyle. At MCLA, you get convenience - like intensive summertime coursework, and programs designed for both full-time and part-time study.

Balance of Theory and Practical Experience: MCLA will give you both a solid foundation in theory and real-world, practical experience in educational settings. Your coursework will be balanced by hands-on work in educational settings. Not only does this approach allow the academic coursework to come alive, it also ensures that you are prepared to make a meaningful impact on society. By the time your program is complete, you will already have made a profound difference on the lives and education of young people.

Top-Notch Faculty: Our faculty includes an extraordinary mix of experts in a variety of topics, including administration, multicultural education, literacy, global education, portfolio development, gender equity in education, curriculum theory, effective use of technology in the classroom and service learning. Our faculty members maintain close collaborative relationships with educators, policy makers, administrators, and researchers, allowing students to benefit from an array of real-world experiences. Like all MCLA faculty, they are 100% student-centered, and are wholly dedicated to helping you meet your career objectives and transform education in our society.

Return on Investment: As a small, close-knit public institution, MCLA offers the highest caliber educational experience at an outstanding value. Our classes are small, our faculty and administration are dedicated, and our program is at once dynamic, exciting, and practical. Best of all, we offer all of this for the cost of a public institution, meaning that your return on investment will be faster, and higher, than at comparable institutions.

Satisfied Alumni: MCLA has an extensive network of alumni working at every grade level, in a wide variety of educational settings. They are teachers, superintendents, policy makers, and public administrators. Collectively, they meet the educational needs of our region, the Commonwealth, the nation, and abroad. These alumni consistently report that their MCLA education was fascinating, challenging, and rewarding. Most important, they finished their MCLA program ready to make a difference in education.