Seasonal Flu Information

January 14, 2014

TO:        Members of the Campus Community

FROM:    Mary Ellen Olenyk
              Director, Human Resources


Welcome back for the spring semester. We look forward to working with colleagues across campus as move through the semester and prepare for Commencement in just a few short months. While there is much work ahead, and many opportunities to celebrate our students, we also remain mindful of our commitment and responsibility to provide as healthy and safe learning and living environment as possible.

In support of this commitment, we have renewed our planning efforts to be prepared for the flu season. We are aware health officials nationally are seeing a resurgence of the H1N1 flu strain this year. We also recognize the evidence that the college age population is particularly susceptible to this strain of flu.

We are confident that being informed about what we need to do to respond to a flu outbreak within our campus community will help minimize the impact on the College. Please review the important information below to help us prepare.

MCLA's Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) has the responsibility to manage campus incidents and will respond as needed to the H1N1 flu impact on the campus. As part of this work, the team is committed to ensuring that our campus population is aware of what precautions we all can take to protect ourselves and our families as well as the importance of maintaining the business of the College.

Please work with your academic or administrative department to prepare to respond to H1N1 influenza should it impact our students or ourselves.
Below, for your information, is a list of what we can do to prepare ourselves professionally and personally:

On Campus - It is important that all departments review basic work routines, and those deadlines that must be met to ensure normal academic and administrative operations.

  • Know who to contact in your office should you be home sick
  • Develop weekly/monthly work plans so work can continue in your absence

At Home - Taking the following steps may help to minimize the severity and reduce any disruption of routine you experience as a result of the flu.

  • Speak to your physician about flu vaccinations.
  • Make sure your family is aware of preventive measures such as hand washing and cough etiquette.
  • Understand your health care options and benefits.
  • Make sure your medical provider is aware of all family health issues.
  • Have a sufficient supply of prescription drugs on hand for all who require such medication.
  • Identify child care options that are available to you if these are needed.
  • Identify transportation options available if needed.
  • Compile a list of contact numbers for your extended family.

Please feel free to contact the Human Resources office with any question regarding health insurance, sick leave benefits, and, precautions we can take to reduce the risk of flu for ourselves, our families, and our colleagues.

Thank you.