100 Hours in the Woodshed IV








100 Hours in the Woodshed IV
Artist Kickoff: 
Jan 24, 5-7 p.m.
Reception: Jan 29, 5-7 p.m.

"100 hours in the Woodshed" returns to MCLA Gallery 51! Masterminded by collage artist Daniel O'Connor, the fourth edition of this unique biennial event begins January 24, 2013 with a "Meet the Artists" reception from 5 to 7 pm. at MCLA Gallery 51. During the five days that follow, the galleries will be a flurry of collage of every sort: from paper and glue, to film and sound, if it can be cut apart, appropriated, moved around, and pieced together into a new form, it's bound to be happening in the "woodshed". Visitors are encouraged to stop by and watch the work in progress from 10am-6pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 


Jen P. Harris, Jack Millard, John Cooley, Claudia McNulty
March 28-April 21, 2013
Opening Reception March 28 5-7pm

MCLA Gallery 51 is excited to present the work of four artists from the New York Hudson Valley: Jen P. Harris, Jack Millard, John Cooley and Claudia McNulty. Viewers will be intrigued by this dynamic selection of work made by artists who live and work within a twenty mile radius of the legendary Hudson River.  From the brightly colored iconic prints of Jen P. Harris, to the rustic assemblages of John Cooley, Other Hudson will offer a psycho-geographic glimpse into the mysteries of this historic region and the artists who live there.  The show includes a series of large illustrative paintings by Claudia McNulty, who raises questions about DNA, ecology and Genetic Modification, juxtaposed with large abstract painterly forms created by Jack Millard. The thread unifying this work is the region wherein it was made, an area known for it's richness in the arts of past and present.


Masters on Cardboard


Masters in Cardboard

February 28 - March 24, 2013
Opening Reception:
February 28, 5-7 p.m.

What does it take to re-arrange the entire collection of The Clark Art Institute? When The Clark undertook the largest renovation project of its history, North Adams based artist Andy Davis reproduced their world- renowned collection on cardboard so the curators could plan new installations. Now these cardboard mock-ups are presented as art objects in their own right. An exhibition within the exhibition, Masters in Cardboard will take viewers on an imaginary trip through the Clark's collection.



Senior Thesis Exhibition, "Pathways to Perception"
April 25-June 2, 2013
Opening reception, April 25, 5-7p.m.

"Pathways to Perception" is a group exhibition showcasing the work of seven spring 2013 graduating MCLA art majors: David Camilo, Carrie Converse, Andy Cross, Adam Duchemin, Will Dunbar, Nicole Proulx, and Eric Walsh. The work on exhibit spans a variety of mediums including, but not limited to, painting, sewing, photography, and digital imagery. Thematically, the show will touch upon a number of subjects, from science and childhood memories to madness and the human condition. The Pathways to Perception exhibition is coordinated by MCLA art professor Melanie Mowinski. Mowinski and her students have shared many formative experiences in their artistic journey together as students and teacher, which is reflected throughout the exhibit.

"Everything in the world is connected. Though we may be using different mediums, practicing different skills, or dealing with different themes, we are pieced together through our art. All of us see the world differently, but through our art we create a lens to share our vision."Adam Duchemin, MCLA graduating Art Major/exhibiting artist

Gallery 51 is a program of MCLA's Berkshire Cultural Resource Center. It is located at 51 Main St. in North Adams, MA, and is open every day 10a.m.-6p.m. For more information please call (413) 664-8718





June 12-July 21, 2013
Reception: Thursday June 20, 6-9 
DownStreet Art Grand Opening!

Other Hudson Chapter Two is the second exhibit showcasing work by artists from the NY Hudson Valley. The exhibit features photography, drawings and sculptural objects by the internationally renowned collaborative duo Kahn & Selesnick, as well as dioramas and assemblages by outsider folk artist Dennis Herbert. These photos, drawings and objects d'art harken from another time and place, echoing the maudlin alleyways and old world charm of the NY Hudson Valley.

Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn have been collaborating as Kahn & Selesnick on fictional photo-novellas and sculptural installations since 1988.

Dennis Herbert, a self-trained artist, has been making dioramas and assemblages from found materials for over 12 years.


July 25-August 25, 2013

Dreaming Arizona is a solo exhibition by internationally renowned artist Ibrahim Quraishi. Dreaming Arizona is a metaphoric
journey along America's Highway 64, as seen through the eyes of a Pakistani artist.  This multi-media installation explores
the end of cowboyism through seven videos, seven large photographic prints and an original soundtrack. The gallery will be filled with hay, sound and moving images for this special exhibition. Visitors will step into a multi-media, multi-sensory journey, with insightful commentary on the American Dream vis-a-vis the great Wild West. Dreaming Arizona is a show of existential melancholy, where the ghosts of cowboy lore ride onward into the horizon. From the hay strewn centerpiece, to the large scale photographs that slowly diminish and disappear into the ether, viewers are sure to be intrigued by this stunning and unique exhibit.  Interview with Quraishi: 659

IBRAHIM QURAISHI is a Pakistani born artist who works with different mediums including photography, photo painting, video, film, installation, performance, dance and theatre. A co-founder of Cie. Faim de Siècle in Paris, his primary interest is the exploration of understanding visual performativity and its relationship to the broader cultural perspectives and their schisms. His approach to the world is that of a traveler. For more information visit:


Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin 
A Marriage: 1 (Suburbia) 
August 29 - September 22, 2013

A Marriage: 1 (Suburbia) is a mixed-media installation and performance series by artists, partners-in-life and collaborators Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin. A Marriage: 1 (Suburbia) reveals the artists' experiences within their same-sex marriage, and expresses their deep ambivalence towards their new status as a "normal" American couple. Blending performance art, video, sculpture, and drawing with props and performative residue, the rigorous and elaborate work of Vaughan and Margolin echoes the heterotopic iconography of suburban America today. 

Through this double self-portrait, Vaughan and Margolin re-appropriate and re-purpose the iconography of domestic suburbia in their struggle to find a place in their newly inherited mantle. The exhibit renders a timely examination of the position of same-sex marriage within the fabric of the American Dream. Research, analysis, collage, paper cutting, spray painting and much more are driving elements of this work.  As a whole, the installation transcends the boundaries between the visual and performing arts by creating an exhibit that draws upon the artists' lives in order to examine the experience of being in a state recognized same-sex marriage.

A Marriage: 1 (Suburbia), which premiered at HERE Arts Center in April of 2013, marks the launch of a three-part series of interdisciplinary installations, immense in scope and painstakingly detailed in execution.  A Marriage: 1 (Suburbia) will be followed in 2014 by A Marriage: 2 (West-er) -- an immersive four-channel narrative video installation with sculpture: a love-letter to the American West, the Cowboy, the Frontier and the Homesteader (at the Invisible Dog March, 2014) - and later by A Marriage: 3 (50 States) - part documentary, part social action, part visual art, as Margolin and Vaughan interview and photograph same-sex couples from every state to compose 50 portraits made from cut-out state maps and backed with abstract video from their weddings/commitment ceremonies.  


Eliza Barrios 
Writing Series: 
(manga) sulat sa pader
(writing on the wall)

September 26-October 27, 2013
Opening Reception: 
Thursday, September 26, 5-8pm

Writing Series: (manga) sulat sa pader* (writing on the wall) is a solo exhibition by Filipina-American artist Eliza Barrios. The exhibit includes text-based drawings, single channel video projections and photographs from Barrios' collaborative project, Mail Order Brides/M.O.B.  This mixed-media installation will draw material from both English and Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. (Manga) Sulat Sa Pader translates from Tagalog to English as "Writing on the Wall". 

Largely an exploration of the written word, this exhibit was inspired by the obsolescence of an individual's written mark, and the overall fragility of communication. Through a text-based environment of video, ink on paper and graphite on vellum, Barrios illuminates the shift of expression that is occurring around us, and the importance of maintaining and utilizing the written word. 

For over a decade, Barrios has been working with collaborators Reanne Estrada and Jenifer Wofford as "Mail Order Brides/M.O.B.", a group of Filipina American artists engaged in an ongoing investigation of culture, race and gender. In conjunction with Barrios' solo work, MCLA Gallery 51, will exhibit excerpts from M.O.B.'s Honeymoon Suites, a photographic series created at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. 

About the Artists
Eliza Barrios is an inter-disciplinary artist who is based in San Francisco, CA. Working primarily in new media and site-specific installation, Barrios questions systems of belief by exploring various processes of self-reflection. Barrios holds a Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Mills College. 

Mail Order Brides/M.O.B. have been scheming, entertaining and creating together for over 18 years. Their work ran ges from video and performance to public art. Mail Order Brides/M.O.B. have shown in various museums, galleries and film festivals including the DeYoung Museum (San Francisco, CA), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco, CA), the Mix Festival (New York, NY), SF International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (San Francisco CA) and the Luggage Store Gallery (San Francisco, CA).

Writing Series: (Manga) Sulat Sa Pader* (Writing on the Wall) is on view at MCLA Gallery 51 September 26 through October 27, 2013, with an opening reception on Thursday September 26 from 6-8 pm.


Passing Through 
the Veil Between Worlds 

Sarah Falkner,  Ryder Cooley & Shannon Taggart
October 31- December 1, 2013. 
Opening Reception, October 31, 5-8pm 

MCLA Gallery 51 is excited to present REWILDERMENT: Passing Through the Veil Between Worlds, an exhibiton of collaborative and solo works by three New York based artists: Sarah Falkner, Shannon Taggart and Ryder Cooley. This mixed-media exhibition explores themes of ritual, witchcraft and mediumistic practices. Viewers will be presented with a collection of evocative two and three-dimensional work including  photography, video, altars and artifacts from the wunderkammers of the artists. 

The REWILDERMENT collaboration began as a series of performance rituals created by Ryder Cooley and Sarah Falkner in 2011. Through the collaboration, the artists have created videos, costumes, mystical symbols, tattoos and performance works. In 2012, Falkner and Cooley began collaborating with photographer Shannon Taggart, who has since documented a number of their performative actions. A selection of these photographs are on display, along with props, objects and residue from the rituals.  For more information visit

Shannon Taggart Shannon Taggart is a photographer and independent researcher based in Brooklyn, NY.  She is currently working on a book about Spiritualism, the religion based on communicating with spirits of the dead. For more information

Sarah Falkner is an interdisciplinary artist, with a strong focus on healing and other occurrent art practices. At Gallery 51, Falkner is exhibiting devotional and contemplative objects whose aesthetic forms and esoteric technologies arise from her syncretic personal practice. For more information visit

. Ryder Cooley is an inter-disciplinary artist, musician and performer.  Ryder has worked with MCLA Gallery 51 for a number of years, most recently as Gallery Manager. For more information visit