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INSIGHT celebrates the work of emerging graduating artists. During this process, students learn how to display and install their art, advertise for the show and more. The idea behind the exhibition comes from a quote by Malcolm Gladwell, a journalist for The New Yorker, who wrote: “Insight is not a light bulb that goes off inside our heads. It is a flickering candle that can easily be snuffed out.”

In that delicate balance of keeping ideas, momentum, passion, engagement, creativity, hope, and vision lit, “INSIGHT” is both an exhibition about finding paths and considering possibilities, according to the show’s artists. The Senior Art Show serves as the annual culminating event that provides graduating artists with the tools they will need to further their careers. INSIGHT remains in view through May 21 at Gallery 51, located at 51 Main St. 


This year’s Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) “Advanced Museum Studies” course exhibition, “Critical Mass,” will feature everyday objects from the collection of Harley Spiller, a renowned collector with thousands of diverse, everyday objects – from spoons to Metrocards and gum to money.

With the goal to rethink the significance of the mundane, students in MCLA’s “Advanced Museum Studies” class designed opportunities to build awareness of the objects that often are taken for granted. Spiller’s prized collection previously included more than 40,000 Chinese food menus that earned him a Guinness World Record.

Critical Mass explores the value of seemingly insignificant objects when amassed in large quantities and placed in specific contexts. This theme emerged from a curatorial consideration of what lends importance to any given object. Interactive components of the exhibition will allow viewers to document personal relationships to objects, and invite them to contribute and thereby elevate their own belongings. Critical Mass remain on view through May 21 at MCLA's Design Lab, located at 49 Main St.

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