New Student Housing Assignment Process

General Information about Living On Campus

New students (freshmen, transfers & re-admits) who plan to reside on campus are required to submit a Residence Area Occupancy Agreement indicating that the conditions of the Agreement and "Further Terms and Conditions" have been read and understood. The Residence Area Occupancy Agreement is for the entire academic year and cannot be canceled during that time unless you withdraw from the College. The Residence Area Occupancy Agreement is a legally binding document, just like one that might be signed for an off‑campus apartment. Please make sure that you carefully read all the terms and conditions prior to completing the Agreement. 

New studentsThe Housing Assignment Preference Form allows you to express a preference for a particular type of housing assignment and/or roommate. Housing assignments are made according to the date your enrollment deposit was received by the Office of Admission. Specific assignment and roommate preferences will be honored whenever possible, but cannot be guaranteed. The earlier your enrollment deposit date, the greater the likelihood of receiving first preference on your specific housing assignment requests. 

During the 2020-2021 academic year, all resident students will be assigned to private rooms. Entering freshmen will be assigned to Hoosac Hall and transfer students will be assigned with returning students to either Berkshire Towers or the Flagg Townhouse Apartment Complex. The New Student Housing Assignment Preference Form allows you to express any preferences you may have. Housing assignments are made according to the date your enrollment deposit was received by the Office of Admission. 

The Residence Area Occupancy Agreement and Housing Assignment Preference Form must be completed no later than Wednesday, 7/29. Specific room assignments and other pertinent information will be available on-line by Friday, 8/7.

College policy requires that all students reside on campus and participate in the the College-specified meal plan program during their first three years at MCLA. Transfer students receive a one-, two-, or three-year on-campus residency requirement based on the number of credits transferred in.

Students in good standing at the institution are eligible for on-campus housing after the completion of their on-campus residency requirement. After the first year, housing assignments are made in the spring during the Returning Student Housing Assignment Process. The order in which students select their assignments is based on a ranking of class standing, grade point average and campus citizenship. You will receive additional information about this process during the school year.

Step-By-Step Instructions

 We are pleased to offer the completion of the required housing assignment forms in an on-line format. Please read the following instructions carefully and be sure to pay particular attention to what you need to do and the deadline date for doing it. This will prevent you from losing your place in the housing assignment queue which is based on the date you paid your enrollment deposit. 

1.  Read the "Further Terms and Conditions" portion of the Residence Area Occupancy Agreement in its entirety. You will need to verify that you read this document on the on-line form.

2.  Read the description of each residence area and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before completing the Housing Assignment Preference Form. Also, please think about whether you would like to request a floormate. If you do, the floormate you request must also request you as a floormate on their Housing Assignment Preference Form.

3.  Fully complete both the Residence Area Occupancy Agreement and Housing Assignment Preference Form. (Note: MCLA log-in is required to access the forms.) Submit both forms no later than Wednesday, 7/29. A copy of your Residence Area Occupancy Agreement will be kept on file in the RPS office in Townhouse #89. 

4. If you are under the age of 18 at the time you electronically sign your Residence Area Occupancy Agreement (RAOA), your parent or guardian must also electronically sign the Residence Area Occupancy Agreement. You will be asked to provide your parent or guardian's name and e-mail address when you complete your RAOA. After you submit your RAOA, an e-mail will be sent to your parent or guardian that will guide them through the electronic signature process. The parent/guardian electronic signature is found at the bottom of the RAOA form. After the parent/guardian electronically signs the RAOA form, they must click the "Submit" button to electronically send their signature. 

5. If you have a need that requires a housing accommodation, please visit the Disability Resource Office web page for important information and instructions. 

6. Your assignment and other pertinent information will be available on-line on Friday, 8/7

7.  Information about the new student move-in process will be available at the same time you receive your assignment. To help you get ready for your move here, read through all the important room decorating and packing list information that is under the "Quick Links" section of the Campus Housing web page.