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Welcome to MCLA's Success Zone!  Here you will find free study skill resources covering topics such as time management and test preparation. We have also listed upcoming Study Skill Workshops and uploaded our most popular Study Skill "Snippets"  for you to review from the comfort of your own study space.  

Skills Resources

Why are study skills so important? 

Learning study skills will not only help you in college, they will help you succeed in life. Good study skills can increase your confidence and self-esteem and improve your ability to learn and retain knowledge.

We have put together some resources for you below. We hope that you visit here often. 


Exam Prep Resources

Create Successful Study Habits

Notetaking Strategies

Tips on Problem Solving

Memory Techniques

Time Management

Stress Management

Tips for Online Learning


Check out these short study snippets!

Creating Your Schedule   

Combating Zoom Fatigue  

Procrastination Busters      

Taking Organized and Effective Notes   

Tips for Talking With Your Instructors    

Test Taking Tips   

Time Management Tips   

Student Success Coaching 

Success coaches provide one-on-one support to students throughout their first year at MCLA. Coaches work with students on transition competency areas to develop the structure and framework necessary to be successful in college.  Coaches work in partnership with students to improve academic skills, to identify resources, and to address any obstacles to academic success.  Success Coaching is individualized, strength-based and holistic.

Success Coach Application

Meet Jordan DeGaetano ~ One our success coaches

female arms open red shirt smiling

Here is what one student had to say about success coaching;

“I got a 91 in my history final and a 95 on another final! I would certainly say the coaching was helpful with test prep strategies!”    


 Come join us for one of our live in-person  sessions scheduled throughout the semester. Share your ideas and learn with us! 

Spring 2022 Success Zone Workshop Schedule


The Study Skill Zone is a collaboration of the Academic Support Office and the Office of Disability Resources.  Your feedback is always welcome. Call us or stop by our offices in Mark Hopkins Hall.