Grading Policies

Dean's List

Undergraduate matriculated students who take a minimum of six credits during the semester and achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.30 with no incomplete grades are placed on the semester's Dean's List.  For more information contact the Registrar's Office. Students receiving "I" or "PC" grades are ineligible for the Dean's List  for that term. The final date for students to qualify for the Dean's List is the last day for reporting grades each semester. This date is determined by the Registrar and the Dean of Academic Affairs. For more information contact the Registrar's Office.

Grading System

The College grading system is based on the 4.000 quality point method.

Quality Quality
Grade Points Grade Points
A 4.000 C 2.000
A- 3.700 C- 1.700
B+ 3.300 D+ 1.300
B 3.000 D 1.000
B- 2.700 D- 0.700
C+ 2.300 F 0.000

Listed below are other grade notations that may appear on student records.  These grades are not used in computing the quality point average.

AU - Audit-No Credit

Indicates that the student has audited a course.

I - Incomplete

A temporary grade that may be reported only when a portion of the assigned work, as clearly indicated in the course syllabus, has not been completed because of the necessary absence of the student or for other reasons equally satisfactory to the instructor, and then only when the instructor judges the work already done by the student to be of passing quality. The course work must be completed by a date specified by the instructor.  This date cannot exceed six (6) weeks after the beginning of the following semester.  The "I" is then changed to a permanent letter grade.  The obligation rests with the student to ask the instructor what work must be completed and what conditions, if any, must be met.  The instructor and the student sign a standardized contract specifying the nature of the course work to be completed.  Signed incomplete contracts must be submitted with grade rosters.  If the course work is not completed before the deadline specified in the contract, the "I" will be changed to an "F".  An "I" grade disqualifies a student for Dean's List recognition.

P - Pass

Indicates successful completion of a Pass/Fail course.  Credit is awarded with no quality points.

PC-Pass Continue

This notation is used solely for courses offered by Learning Services.  It indicates that a student has demonstrated both effort and progress in a course but requires additional time and work to complete the curriculum.  A student who earns a PC grade must reenroll for the course in only the next semester of enrollment and must complete assigned work during this time.  A student is entitled to only one "PC" grade per (SKIL) course.  Once a student has been reenrolled for such a course, no further grades of "PC" can be awarded, nor can a student withdraw from the course.  Only regular letter grades (A-F, and I) may then be assigned. Students receiving a "PC" grade on their transcript are not eligible for the Dean's List for that term.

T - Transfer

Indicates credit for course work that has been accepted by the College from another institution.  No (grades) quality points are received for transfer work.  Grades from other institutions do not appear on the MCLA transcript, and are not calculated into the MCLA GPA.

W - Withdrawal

Indicates withdrawal from a course in the third through the eighth week of the semester.   It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of all deadlines for withdrawal.  No withdrawals for individual courses may be made past the withdrawal deadline.

WX - Withdrawal from College

The student has officially withdrawn from the College.  A student may withdraw from the College prior to the first day of final exams.  All courses will be given the notation "WX".

Grade Point Average

The grade point average is a numerical indication of the student's academic achievement.  It is the quotient of the total quality points earned divided by the total credits attempted for all courses in which grades A through F were received.  No quality points are assigned to notations AU, I, P, PC, T, W or WX.

Midterm Warnings

Faculty members submit "D" and "F" reports on all students to the Registrar two weeks before the end of the course/withdrawal period.  Copies of these reports are sent to the students and their advisors.