Assessment In the Programs

MCLA Faculty determine Program Goals and Program Learning Outcomes.

Program Goals are broad general statements of what the faculty want to accomplish at the program/domain level.  They can be directly related to learning outcomes, such as "to have at least 50% of our graduates admitted to top tier graduate schools" or less directly related, such as "to increase enrollment in the program." They should tie back to the institution's mission and strategic goals.

Program Learning Outcomes are concise statements that specify the measurable knowledge, skill, or behavior that you expect students to be able to demonstrate at the end of a program of study and apply to the entire curriculum as a whole; for example, "Students will be able to design an effective scientific experiment."  They should support program goals and the strategic goals of the college.  At MCLA, the outcomes of all Academic Programs and Core Domains are listed in the Course Catalog

Please explore the links above for specific assessment procedures, policies, and resources within Academic Programs, Core Curriculum, and Co-Curricular offerings, as well as the Program Review process.