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Modern Languages

"I like the close-knit community here at MCLA, but I wanted to do something that scared me. I learned a great deal - not just about the Spanish language, but also what it is like to be an outsider in a culture that, at first glance, may seem very similar but in reality is radically different. The experience was spectacular, awe-inspiring, definitely outside my normal comfort zone and changed my life."  Kara Ward, '11, after studying for six weeks in Valencia, Spain 

Our department offers elementary to advanced language classes in French, Italian, and Spanish. Our courses in conversation, composition, civilization, literature, and film, taught by native-speaking professors, help you gain functional confidence in the four major language skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading, while learning about cultures around the globe. 

We respect the diverse talents, abilities, and ways of learning among our students. We use interactive learning strategies, encourage collaboration among students, and apply technology to teaching and learning when appropriate. 

Why MCLA is Different

Our instructors mix the building of practical conversational skills with a solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary. Our curriculum prepares you for careers in teaching, the arts, international business, government, travel, and in other fields that require foreign language knowledge. Your fellow students frequently study in other countries; read about students who shared their experiences abroad

At MCLA, you can work as a teaching assistant in a language classroom, an opportunity only given to graduate students at many other institutions. 

If you major in Interdisciplinary Studies, you can combine a concentration in Language Studies (either French or Spanish) with another concentration in a related field. 

If you want to incorporate both French and Spanish into an Interdisciplinary Studies major, you can have a concentration in each language! You can also minor in Spanish.

Meet our faculty

Department Chair | Dr. Mariana Bolivar | 413-662-5081