Section IX

Section IX - Other Institutional Resources

This program is continuously growing and the demands of the project cannot always be fulfilled by the project staff.  Each partner relies on other institutional resources to help the program flourish. Some of the outside resources we’ve utilized are listed below:

MCLA and Williams

  • Faculty members and administrators: Offer their expertise and support

  • HR Office: Assist with student employment and pay

  • IRB Office: Assist with research components of the project

  • Office of Student Life: Assist with advertising and general program support
  • Controller’s Office: Assist with money management, student pay, research, and general program support

  • Hired Drivers: Transport students to and from the schools in which they are teaching

  • Williams Students: Assist with transportation, bin stocking, research, and curriculum revisions

  • Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation: Provides a field trip destination for classes associated with the program