Office of Student Financial Services

book advances from financial aid

Book advances for Spring 2024 will be available by appointment beginning January 16, 2024.

If there is a credit balance after all the financial aid has been applied, the student will be issued a refund. This typically occurs roughly one month after the start of the semester, but some refunds may be issued later depending on the academic program or type of fund. For more information on student refunds from overpayments, visit the Student Refund Information page.

As refunds are not issued immediately, book advances are available upon request to students due back a refund and are issued in increments of $50.00. These book advances may only be used at the MCLA Bookstore located in the Campus Center or on the MCLA Bookstore website. These advances can be used for most items in the bookstore, excluding gift cards. Book advances can be released to the student as early as the day before the semester starts at the Student Financial Services Office by showing a valid photo ID.


If you are receiving a refund and would like to request an advance for books, you must submit your request and schedule a pickup through Microsoft Bookings. Appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance to allow us to prepare your request. If you are deemed ineligible for a book advance in your requested amount, your appointment will be canceled and you will be notified. 


*If you have questions about the book advance process or are unsure of your eligibility, contact us at or call 413.662.5230.