MBA-30 Credit Courses

Students complete the following 7 required courses in addition to 3 elective courses.

MBA 640 Financial Management and Policies (3cr)
Examines the principles and framework for corporate financial management decisions. Explores the valuation, investment, and financing of a company and its business activities. Includes short-term and long-term, financial management policy decisions; maximizing shareholder wealth; investment strategies, financial strategies; and risk management strategies. Computer models for financial decision making will be used along with spreadsheets and statistical software.

MBA 660 Managing and Leading (3cr)
Examines effective and ineffective leadership, exhibited in a variety of organizations and environments, through historic and modern theory, ethical standards, and legal standards. Readings, case studies, and exercises are used to apply theory and standards. Managing issues of motivation, leadership, job satisfaction, team dynamics, and organizational restructuring are addressed.

MBA 661 Decisions in Operations and Project Management (3cr)
Develops an understanding of a portfolio of techniques for operations and project management and their selection and use in appropriate situations. Examines the alternative theoretical perspectives that inform management thinking in this field.

MBA 662 Sustainability and Social Responsibility (3cr)
Sustainable business development is designed to create a livable future that will provide balance between economic growth, long-term environmental protection, and social equity. The course examines methods of achieving organizational objectives while positively impacting the physical and social environments in which organizations operate.

MBA 643 Managerial Economics (3cr)
Studies the application of economic theory to decision-making problems in the private and public sectors, including both explicit and implicit constraints imposed by the environment on the decision-maker. Systematic development of the theory of the interaction of consumers, firms and industries; a study of market structure, conduct and performance; and capital budgeting.

MBA 680 Marketing Strategies (3cr)
An examination of the marketing management decision process, with particular emphasis on market opportunity analysis, strategy development, product planning, pricing, distribution, promotional strategy, and the integration of marketing mix variables with segmentation and targeting decisions.

MBA 690 Strategic Management of Organizations (capstone) (3cr)
Introduces the concept of strategic management through case analyses involving the basic direction and goals of an organization; the social, political, technological, economic, and global environment; the industry and market structure; and the organization's strengths and weaknesses. The emphasis is on the development and successful implementation of strategy in different types of firms. This course serves as the capstone course for the MBA.