Women of Color

Women Of Color Initiative

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Vision Statement

The vision of WOCI is create and sustain a college environment where female students of color at the MCLA experiences success, connectedness, leadership, visibility, and representation at all levels of governance.  

The objectives of MCLA Women of Color Initiative are:

  • To build a supportive community focused on issues of inequity and injustice that fosters communication and respect through intelligent dialogue and discussions; 
  • To support academic success and professional development of young women of color; 
  • To discuss and promote solutions to issues that affect and are affected by women of color on the college campus; 
  • Boost morale and engender networking opportunities through social and cultural events representative of the diverse WOCI membership; 


  • To provide opportunities for the MCLA campus community to support, learn from, and appreciate women of color;
  • To foster MCLA collaborations within and among other colleges; 
  • To disseminate information about events, symposia, lectures, and conferences about issues concerning women of color; 
  • To provide periodic community service opportunities particularly for young women at MCLA and Berkshire county.