Faculty Incentive Awards

Each year, faculty are invited to apply for one of the Faculty Incentive Awards.

2023-2024 Award winners:

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2023-2024 Faculty Incentive Awards! 

New Course and Program Development Award:

David Cupery, “HIST 110/POSC 110: Introduction to History/Political Science Seminar”

Creative/Civic Learning/Engagement /Service Award:

Michael Dilthey, “Art as Social Justice”

Creative/Civic Learning/Engagement /Service Award:

Anne Goodwin, “Berkshire County Community Food Assessment”

Research Award for Tenure-track faculty:

Clio Stearns, “Exploring Closeness in Teacher/Student Relationships: A Qualitative Study of Intimacy and Its Obstacles in Elementary Classrooms”

Research Award for Tenured Faculty:

Ruby Vega, “Learning with ChatGPT: Examining the Impact of Generative AI on Student Engagement and Self-Regulated Learning”

Research Award for Tenured Faculty:

Guodong Wang, “Edge Computing and Cloud Computing in Smart House for Dogs”

Sabbatical Research Award:

Anna Jaysane-Darr, “Labor, Disability, and Wellbeing in the Western Cape"

Sabbatical Research Award:

Vicky Papa, “Aesthetics of Survival: Modernist Literature and Minoritarian Worldmaking”

Sabbatical Research Award:

Nicole Porther, “Comparative Healthcare: A Tale of Two Countries”

Three-Credit Research APR for Spring 2024:

Mariana Bolivar, “Global and Intercultural Studies B.A. Proposal”

Three-Credit Research APR for Spring 2024:

Mohamad Junaid, “Rebel Dreams: An Anthropology of Postcolonial Empire and Political Subjectivity in Kashmir”

Three-Credit Research APR for Spring 2024:

Jenna Sciuto, “Peripheralized Norths and Souths: Colonial Liminality, Representation, and Intersecting Identities in US Southern and Icelandic Literatures”

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