Faculty Incentive Awards

Each year, faculty are invited to apply for one of the Faculty Incentive Awards.

2021-2022 Award winners:

Congratulations to all recipients of the 2021-2022 Faculty Incentive Awards! 

Course and Program Development Award:

Lisa Arrastia, "Center for Oral History in Education"

Research Award for Tenured Faculty:

Hannah Haynes, "Women Talk Back: Women's White Supremacist Masculine Online Rhetoric & Reception"

Research Award for Tenure-Track Faculty:

Sudipto Sarkar, "Exploring Customers' Reactions to Enforcement of Fine Print"

Sabbatical Research Award:

Amber Engelson, "Follow-up Research for book manuscript, Interanimating Audience: Translanguaging Towards Islamic Feminist Social Justice in Indonesia"

Sabbatical research award:

Daniel Shustack, "Annual movements and migratory connectivity of songbirds: filling in critical information need to conserve common species"

Three-Credit Research APR for Spring 2022:

Elizabeth Hartung, "Research Collaboration in Mathematical Chemistry"

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