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Academic Advising & Support


Forge a Path to Success

Our mission is to empower MCLA students to discover and achieve their academic and professional goals. 

In the Office of Academic Advising & Support, you’ll find many resources to support your success such as academic advising, peer-led academic support, success coaching, and advising for students who are exploring their academic options.

Professor speaks with a group of students outside of class.

Our experienced advisors are here to guide you through your academic journey. If you are an undeclared student, you will be paired with an advisor who works closely with you until you choose a major.

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The Trailblazer Tutor Center, Writing Studio, and Math Drop-in Center are free resources and available to all students.

Meet the staff

Kayla Hollins

Cassie Rochelo

Jordan D.

Kayla Hollins, Executive Director of Student Presistence, smiling with dark hair wearing earings with grass and bench behind them Cassie Rochelo, wearing a necklace and smiling with a mural of mount greylock in the back Jordan, wearing earings and a necklace with a mural of mount greylock behind them

Executive Director of Student Persistence

Academic Support Coordinator Academic Advising Coordinator



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