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Bachelor's plus Master of Education

4+1 (Bachelor's/online Master of Education) Program

Now fully online Master of Education, starting Summer 2023

The 4+1 (Bachelor's/Online Master of Education) Program is designed as an accelerated pathway for those students who seek to earn a teaching license and undergraduate degree(s), a second Initial license in Moderate Disabilities, and a Master of Education (MEd) degree.

Students in this program will first complete all the requirements for one or more undergraduate degrees, as well as requirements for an Initial teaching license in one of twelve undergraduate licensure programs. In the fifth year, including summers, students will complete the 33 graduate credits necessary to earn a Master of Education (MEd) degree and add a second Initial license in Moderate Disabilities.


In order to qualify for the 4+1 program students must
  • Meet all graduate admission requirements
  • Apply for formal acceptance into the 4+1 program by January 31 of senior year

Application process includes:

  • 4+1 Application
  • Personal Statement
  • Three letters of reference from MCLA professors
  • Resume
  • MCLA Transcript with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  • Successfully completing all facets of the undergraduate licensure program, including MTELs and the Student Teaching Practicum


Students who are accepted and remain in good standing in the 4+1 program will receive a $500 discount per semester ($2,000 total) in the fifth year. Financial aid information is available on the MCLA website at www.mcla.edu/aid. Students enrolled in a graduate program taking at least 5 credit hours are eligible for a Federal Direct Student Loan. Students must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).


In most states, candidates with a Massachusetts teaching license need only pass the appropriate state teacher tests in order to be eligible for a teaching license.

Please note that MCLA reserves the right to unilaterally add, withdraw, or revise any course offering in the above mentioned program of study including policies, provisions, requirements, and fees.