Meet the Staff

Amber Engelson

Writing studio coordinator

Dr. Amber Engelson (she/her)
Associate Professor of English & Communications
Chairperson, Dept. of English & Communications

Writing Associates 

Maya Bachmann-DelgadoMaya Bachmann-Delgado 

Hi everyone, I am Maya and I use she/her pronouns. I am a Psychology major and I have written a lot of papers for psychology and English courses. I am excited to work with you in the Writing Studio!



Egypt Benjamin

Hey y’all! My name is Egypt and I use she/her/they/them pronouns. I’m an English major with a concentration in writing and an ethnic studies minor. I’m currently in SAC and BSU and I enjoy a variety of things when I’m free, especially free formed poetry about the many experiences that I’ve come across in life in general. I’m super excited to be in the studio this year and to read the variety of works that show writers'  consciousness. See you soon!!!


CorinCorin Carpenter

Hi! I'm Corin. I'm majoring in English and secondary education. I'm a junior, and I use he/him or they/them pronouns. I'm very excited to see you in the Writing Studio!

Ashley DelRatezAshley DelRatez

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley DelRatez and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a senior at MCLA this year, double majoring in both English and Communications, with concentrations in writing and journalism. I love books, writing, film, and music. I particularly enjoy creative writing. I’m very excited to be working in the Writing Studio this year to help you all with writing of all sorts! :)

Rachel GordonRachel Gordon

Hi! My name is Rachel Gordon (she/her). I’m an English major with a concentration in professional writing and a minor in ethnic studies. In my free time, I love playing piano, playing video games (recommendations are welcome!), and reading. I’m so excited to be joining the Writing Studio for my senior year. Writing is absolutely a collaborative process, and I hope we can learn from and inspire one another. Hope to see you there!

GabbiGabbi Osowiecki, Writing Studio Student Manager

Hi! My name is Gabbi Osowiecki. I use she/her pronouns. I'm an English major here at MCLA with a concentration in writing. When I'm not reading for classes, I enjoy dot-to-dot puzzles, writing poetry, and playing Stardew Valley. I'm super passionate both about improving my own writing and helping others with theirs! I learn a lot of different styles and methods through working with other writers (like you!). I hope to see you in the Writing Studio! 

AndreasAndreas Schafer

Hi, my name is Andreas! I use he/him pronouns, and I am a Political Science and History double major with a minor in Sociology. I am involved in the Queer Student Union and I am the President of the Trans Affinity Group, a support network for trans students on campus, and another big passion of mine is music. I’m very excited to be a tutor at the Writing Center this year because I’m a huge extrovert and I love exchanging ideas and learning by working with others - I’ll be learning from you just as you’ll be learning from me! I’ve always been very passionate about writing and I’m looking forward to be able to share that interest with everyone.