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List of Clubs & Organizations

Looking to learn more about MCLA's Clubs and Organizations? Visit the Student Government Association Office located in the Campus Center Room 316 to find out more about the 51 opportunities to get involved. The office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:45 pm. During the academic year, the office is open nights and weekends (posted hours TBD). Email or call 413-662-5401 to speak to a representative about the many engaging experiences we have to offer. Student Government Association sponsors many of our clubs and organizations.

Here are the current clubs and organizations recognized by SGA:

Accounting Club
The purpose of Accounting Club is to help students with accounting homework, spread awareness of the accounting concentration, encourage students to learn more about finances and fiscal responsibility, and create a network for accounting students for after college.

African Student Association 
(Inactive) The purpose of ASA is to educate by expressing and sharing African history, ideas, beliefs and concerns to the MCLA campus and community. Most importantly, the club seeks to educate about the misconceptions and history of Africa as a whole and as individual countries.

Aikido Club FBAnyone interested in a well structured conditioning program will benefit from the physical training and practice of coordinating the mind and body by participating in organized Aikido. The club will supply physical training, understanding of the art, and teamwork.

FB TW IG youtubeThis club's purpose is to challenge its members in all aspects of vocal and visual performances that are both stimulating and entertaining. It also enriches the community with varying genres of music which provides a sense of other musical cultures and participates in various community service activities.

Anime Club
FBInstagramThe Anime Club aims to create a better understanding of Japanese art and culture through the mediums of Japanese animation (Anime), and comics (Manga) and through discussing the deeper themes imbedded within. Members of the Anime Club also explore many aspects of Anime/Manga subculture, what is also known as being Otaku, a fan who is very involved within the subculture.

American Sign Language
This club provides an opportunity for the community to learn about the Deaf and deaf culture. The objective is for members to learn American Sign Language to help improve their signing, create an awareness, and educate people on the difference between the two worlds and how they intertwine.

Anime Club FBThe Anime Club aims to create a better understanding of Japanese art and culture through the mediums of Japanese animation (Anime), and comics (Manga) and through discussing the deeper themes embedded within. Members of the Anime Club also explore many aspects of Anime/Manga subculture, what is also known as being Otaku, a fan who is very involved within the subculture.

Arts Management Club FBThe purpose of the Arts Management Club is to provide its members with real world opportunities and experience in the Arts Management world by taking the tools learned in the classroom and applying them to on campus events. Members will work closely with mentors int he Arts Management department, as well as making connections with local outside organizations and the fellow community.

Asian & American Union FBProvides the college community with a resource to learn about the Asian cultures. Members will be provided with an experience that will help develop their leadership qualities and other attributes that will be beneficial to themselves, the club, and the college community at large.

Association for Neurodivergent Awareness
The purpose of ANA is to connect students around campus that feel strongly about mental health awareness. Events will be held around the campus to raise awareness and educate the campus community about mental health, the stigma it carries, and how to seek relief.

The Beacon (Student Newspaper)
The Beacon is the weekly newspaper of MCLA. The staff is made up of MCLA students with faculty advisers. They work weekly to have each edition printed by Thursday morning. Copies of the Beacon can be found in numerous buildings on campus as well as online. Stop by the Beacon office and speak with the staff if you are interested in obtaining a position at The Beacon.

Biology Club FBTo enable further education and exploration in a variety of aspects in biology and all life sciences within that context; and to provide a forum for the discussion of topics relevant to the biological fields through meetings and various trips.

Black Student Union
This organization strives to give African Americans and others a better understanding of one another, a sense of belonging and a coordinated voice on campus. It provides an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas to develop an appreciation of African American history.

Book Club

This club promotes extra-curricular reading and provides an environment dedicated to increasing literacy, exploring literary genres, and group discussion.

Cape Verdean Student Alliance
This club helps establish and maintain the principles governing the Cape Verdean student body. Its focus is on developing an environment where all students come together to learn, socialize and bring widespread awareness of the Cape Verdean culture to MCLA. It also tries to maintain and improve communication between students, the university, and community.

Cheerleading Squad
FB IGThe ultimate goal of Cheer Squad is to promote and uphold school spirit for those we encounter, to develop good sportsmanship by example, and to support good relations in the community and between teams and squads during events. The organizational goal is to work in harmony with the Athletics Department, administration, and sporting organizations, clubs and/or societies recognized by Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, as well as represent the school in a positive manner at all off-campus at events, competitions, and clinics etc.

Chemistry Club
To encourage students to be actively involved int he subject of chemistry and to discuss current and relevant topics in the field. The club will strive to enhance the knowledge, interest, and accessibility of chemistry to students, faculty, and the community.

Christian Fellowship
The purpose of Christian Fellowship is to be an organization of students who follow Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. They grow in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture, and God's purposes in the world through spiritual, intellectual, physical and social pursuits.

College Republicans
Providing a voice for young conservatives on campus and working to promote a safe environment for all students to discuss politics, as well as provide networking and internship opportunities to members of College Republicans.

Computer Society
Builds a learning community through group study sessions. Tutors and shares experiences through events and activities. Establishes intern and co-op positions with local business and is a source of information for students and faculty.

Cosplay Coalition
We are a newly formed club designed to help one another with various aspects of cosplay. Come join us and learn how to create costumes, do makeup, make props, pose, etc!

Crafting Club IGCrafting Club is a place where people who have any kind of desire to create and express themselves can relax among like-minded people. Our meetings are the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself after a hard week of school. Each week there is a different art/craft project so there is always something new to bring you back!

Dad Club
The purpose of Dad Club is to provide students with safe and stress reducing activities that embrace the stereotypical Dad culture.

Dance Company
The Dance Company is open to anyone who is interested in learning and performing dance. This student run club teaches, choreographs, and performs a variety of different genres and has at least two performances a year open to MCLA and the community to show their talent and hard work.

Debate Club
This club's purpose is to encourage independent, critical thought, improve argumentation skills of members, gain awareness of current issues, and develop opinions on those issues. Additionally, the Debate Club will represent MCLA in regional debate competitions and hold on-campus debates.

Environuts Club
The purpose of the Environuts is to provide an open forum for students to teach and positively inform the campus about environmental issues. The club promotes awareness and encourages involvement within the environment as well as forms a link between MCLA, community groups. and local businesses.

Fashion Club
IGThis club's goal is to make high fashion accessible to all members of the MCLA community regardless of size, gender, or economic class. All members have the opportunity to model or design looks, as well as a chance to work behind the scenes; stage management, hair and makeup photography, etc.

Film Club
This club holds movie events and weekly discussions to encourage analysis of films and for people to talk about their passion. It can also serve a critical role in helping students develop their own opinions as well as broaden their understanding of individual films.

GoodVibes Yoga is a great way to relax and get rid of stress throughout the week. If you are looking for stress relief, exercise or both, our talented instructor knows the best ways to help. With a very casual setup, the club is a welcoming environment for newcomers and veterans alike. We are always open to anyone regardless of skill level and guarantee that you'll have a lot of fun.

Harlequin Musical Theatre Club
IGHelp put on musicals! Harlequin's Purpose us to get students involved in musical theatre. This includes on-stage experiences in fields such as acting, singing, and dancing, as well as all aspects of technical musical theatre and management. This 100% student-run group hopes to put on one full-length musical at the end of each year, as well as a musical revue in the fall semester.

History Society
Students in this club are offered the opportunity to meet in an organized manner to discuss, as well as participate in events marked by a common interest on various historical topics.

Latin American Society IGLAS promotes diversity among Latin American cultures through an educational and social setting. All are welcome to join.

Mathematics Society
FB IGFor those who have an active interest in mathematics or the related fields of study, this organization's purpose is to promote knowledge and enthusiasm for mathematics. Members will be exposed to the practical applications and promote mathematics education to the general public.

National Residence Hall Honorary

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is the premier honor society for residential college students across the nation. NRHH provides leadership experience and development opportunities to its members through involvement in service-based programs.

NeXXus Step Team
IGThe purpose of NeXXus is to provide a welcoming environment for all types of individuals to learn stepping. As a team they have put on performances for the MCLA community as well as social and cultural events. Their goal is to entertain others with their stepping and be involved on their campus. Anyone interested can join no matter their experience level.

Outdoors Club FBThis club offers students the opportunity to experience the Berkshires at its finest. With many resources in our area, the club benefits from a wide range of options for outings. The club sponsors trips year round including hiking camping, and more. All are welcome to join regardless of ability.

Photography Club
The purpose of this club is to provide students with a creative and fun atmosphere where they can express themselves in different ways through the art of photography as well as meet students with similar interests.

Pillars Community Enhancement Club
The purpose of Pillars is to enhance the MCLA campus and North Adams community through volunteer work and celebration of local cultures, histories, and events. This club promotes community service and local action, with the example set by president James F. Birge.

Political Science Club
FB TW IGThis organization’s objectives are to familiarize the student body with local, state, national, and international political issues. It provides a vehicle for understanding the political process in the United States and abroad on all levels. The purpose of the club is two fold: to develop theories of common interest in the field through guest speakers and to exchange opinions, ideas, and theories on various issues. The club also develops students’ public speaking and problem-solving abilities and improves their knowledge of general world issues to prepare them for Model United Nations Conferences.

Psychology Club FBThis club will serve to create a setting in which students who are interested in psychology can discuss current findings in the field, share new topics of research, and learn about further education and opportunities pertaining to psychology.

Queer Student Union
IGQSU reaches out to unite the MCLA community as a whole by providing support and resources for gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, transgender, intersex, gender non-conforming and/or questioning (hereafter referred to as queer as an umbrella term) which addresses the needs and concerns of the queer student community on campus.

Radiology Club
The purpose of Radiology Club is to further students’ knowledge of the radiology field. Opportunities include all aspects of diagnostic imaging, understanding the challenges of the field, and continuing education about the field outside the classroom.

Rugby Club
FB IGThe MCLA Rugby Club is open to both men and women. In the Fall of 2011, the men's team started competing in the NERFU Division 4. Practices begin the second week of the Fall semester and end approximately in the middle of November until our Spring season begins.

Ski Club FBThe purpose of Ski Club shall be to expand awareness and participation n winter sports and allow interested students to ski and snowboard or learn to ski or snowboard as an organized group.

Society of Physics Students
Promotes knowledge and enthusiasm for the physical sciences to aid in greater understanding of the natural world, to expose members to the practical applications of physics in the working world and to have fun.

Student Activities Council (SAC)
IGThe Student Activities Council (SAC) of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts' mission is to entertain the campus through performances, concerts, and any activities you can think of, including an event every Saturday night. We are run by students for students, and we welcome event suggestions from anyone! If you are interesting in running, planning, or attending fun events, SAC is the club for you!

Students for a Democratic Society
The SDS club strives to call attention to injustices at MCLA and seeks to rectify them through democratic principles, activism, and education.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy FB IGThis club's purpose is to provide the MCLA community and the North Adams public with relevant and educational information about drugs and current drug policies. Its goal in doing so is to mobilize and empower young people to participate in the political process, push for sensible drug policies, and fight against harmful polices. In doing so, the club hopes to create a safer, more just society for everyone, paying special attention to those who re unfairly targeted by the war on drugs.

Student Veterans Association
This club's purpose is to assemble, unite and advocate for MCLA student verterans, in support of MCLA's strategic vision of excellence, while assisting veterans in acclimating to college and community living. To provide peer support, comradery, and promote awareness of veteran students within our campus community.

T.V.G.C. (Tabletop Video Game Club)
The purpose of this club is to provide a place where people who like to play games of any kind can come and meet new people or bring friends to just have fun, try out new games, or play old favorites.

Television and Film Society
The purpose of TFS is to encourage students to apply what they have learned in the classroom as well as to discover more about what it means to develop a television show or film. It will allow them to utilize their creativity in a free space which will nurture independence and leadership, both beneficial for future experience and enjoyment.

The purpose of this club is to encourage students to be actively involved in the MCLA campus community, share each other's thoughts, ideas and poetry. In addition, this club will help improve their poetry writing skills and create a positive self-esteem for their own creative writing.

Wildlife Society
IGThe purpose of this club is to be an outlet for people who are interested in wildlife. The club will provide opportunities for members to meet wildlife professionals and become acquainted with the field of wildlife management. Members will also gain knowledge about wildlife techniques used by state and federal management agencies for rehabilitation, animal care, and conservation.

WJJW (91.1 FM) Radio Station
TW IGWJJW is the FCC-licensed and student operated, non-commercial educational radio station of MCLA. It is comprised of student and community members who volunteer their time and are passionate about broadcasting. Some of what WJJW provides the community includes: news programming, Public Service Announcements, and exposure to independent and local artists. In addition, we host regular events including concerts, live and remote broadcasts throughout campus, and various contests. To get involved with WJJW, come to one of our meetings, or get in touch with an E-Board member through Office 365. Visit our website at

Writers' Guild
The purpose of this club is to provide a space for creative writers to share and workshop prose, poetry, and any other form of creative writing, and to provide a network of support, inspiration, and opportunities for writers.

The yearbook staff welcomes students who have a strong commitment and interest in producing a quality yearbook.

Yorick Shakespeare Club
FB IG Tumblr

We are focused on celebrating William Shakespeare's works and making them accessible and engaging to a wider audience. Each year we put on at least one performance as well as other events such as dances, game nights, escape rooms and Bard Bash, which is our last event of the year where we take over the quad with performances, jousting, and pie eating contests.

Other MCLA Organizations



MASSPIRG has had a chapter on MCLA’s campus for more than 3 decades and has been organizing on environmental and social issues since its inception. Because the campus is so small and the student body so interconnected, we enjoy running campaigns with other student groups on the issues most important to them. We are most known on campus for our environmental work and for voter registration.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is the premier honor society for residential college students across the nation. The Rho Pi Sigma chapter of NRHH at MCLA is affiliated with NEACURH (North East Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls) and NACURH (National Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls). Through our affiliation with these two larger regional and national organizations we are able to share resources and establish connections with other chapters at other institutions across the nation. We pride ourselves on our two values of service and recognition and all of our initiatives and programs can be traced back to one or both of these values.

NRHH provides leadership experience and development opportunities to its members through involvement in service-based programs. The Diamond is the symbol for NRHH because of its inner strength and external beauty. The Diamond symbolizes the unique experiences that one obtains from living in the residence areas during their college years. Being inducted as a Diamond is a great honor because only the top 1% of students living on campus can join NRHH! We are known for our annual events such as the Faculty and Staff vs. Student Basketball Game, the Campus Center Takeover and Grilled Cheese Fundraisers.

Interested in keeping up with all things NRHH? Or perhaps even joining the group? Please follow us on Instagram, @mclanrhh and Facebook, @mcla.nrhh! Or reach out to our chapter by emailing!