Minor in Earth Science

Earth Science Minor

The earth science minor complements any major and provides students with knowledge and skills in the geosciences. Students learn how to work with spatial data, explore how earth’s surface has been shaped over time, investigate geological processes that lead to natural hazards for people, and study earth’s changing climate, among other topics in the geosciences. Flexibility in choosing elective courses in the minor allow students the opportunity to pursue both broad and specific interests in the field. 


  • ENVI 325 Geographic Information Systems (4 cr)
  • ERTH 270 Weather and Climate (3 cr)
  • ERTH 271 Landforms (3 cr)

Select one of the following: (3-4cr)

  • ERTH 151 Introduction to Physical Geography (4 cr)
  • ERTH 152 Introduction to Physical Geology (4 cr)
  • ERTH 245 Natural Hazards (3 cr)

Select two upper level ERTH courses (6 cr)

Total  Credits 20-21