MCLA Bow Tie PinI started wearing a bow tie after I earned my Ph.D. It was a reminder that I had accomplished something important, something special. Bow ties are different from other neckwear because it takes a special effort to tie them. You have to be confident to wear one—especially for the first time or in new settings. And you have to make a commitment to wear one.

Shortly after I arrived at MCLA, Trustee and MCLA Alumna Buffy Lord suggested that I have lapel pins made in the shape of a bowtie and in the colors of MCLA. She suggested I should give them to people who have exhibited those qualities of commitment, confidence, and effort. 

Not only is this a great idea, it fits perfectly with the values we seek to instill in MCLA students. Periodically, I’ll award these bow tie pins to members of our community as acknowledgement for their demonstrated commitment to or care for MCLA; their promotion of the values of MCLA with others; and for their experience committing great deeds of kindness. I will not always make the award publicly, but the awardees’ names will be registered in the President’s Office as having been acknowledged for their commitment to MCLA.

Since I arrived at MCLA, we have had fun with my fondness for bow ties. You can see the evidence of that by searching the #MCLAbowties hashtag on Twitter, or via this photo album.

Bow Tie Pin Recipients


Dr. Aimée Bullett-Smith, DNP, MS, FNP-BC, Doctor of Nursing Practice/Nurse Practitioner, MCLA Health Services

Dr. Jacqueline Krzanik, DNP, MS, FNP-BC, Director of Health Services

Catherine Holbrook, Vice President, Student Affairs

Denise Marshall, MCLA Trustee

Kate Gigliotti, Director of Alumni Engagement and Donor Relations

Robert Ziomek '89, Vice President of Institutional Advancement


Thomas Bernard, Mayor of North Adams

Dan Trombley '90

Jana Boyer '93, Associate Director of Admission

Oscar Castro '18, Admission Counselor

Kolumbia Cook '18, Transfer Admission Counselor

Kayla Hollins '12, Associate Director of Admission

Erin Kennedy, Associate Director of Transfer Admission

Megan Lussier, Assistant Director of Admission

Ben Mancino, Admission Counselor

Judy Roy, Visit Coordinator

Sue Rusek, Admission Administrative Assistant

Alyssa Tomkwicz, Admission Counselor

Dayne Wahl, Assistant Director of Admission

2021: Brian and Vikki Fairbank, Friend of MCLA


Susan Gold, Former Board of Trustee Chair

Erin Milne, Institutional Research

Diane Scott, Associate Professor Arts Management

Thomas Aceto, Former MCLA President

Dr. Frances Jones-Sneed, MCLA Professor

Celia Norcross, Asst. Dean of Student Development and Engagement


Jake Eberwein, Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education

Sergeant Laura Lefebvre, MCLA Campus Police Officer

Gina Puc, Director of Admission

Adrienne Wootters, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs


Jackie Kelly ‘17

Buffy Lord ’98, MCLA Trustee

Spencer Moser, Coordinator, MCLA Volunteer Center

Graziana Ramsden, MCLA Professor

Dan Trombley ’90, MCLA Foundation Board of Directors