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Information Technology

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MCLA Information Technology is responsible for the support and maintenance of all data and telecommunications technology at the college.

Our mission is to provide robust and reliable technology based services and equipment that further the strategic goals of the institution.

Those services include training and assistance to faculty, staff, and students, enabling them to make effective use of the technologies we provide.

Computer Support Services

Computer Support Services manages the servers, networks and integrations between the systems that provide technology services to the campus community. CSS encompasses:

The Help Desk: Provides support for everything related to information technology at MCLA

Media Services: Provides support for classroom audio and visual technology, digital signage, live events and streaming services.

Networks, Telecommunications, Systems, and Web Services: Supports the college's websites, maintains the college telephone and integrated messaging systems, provides and maintains the servers and software that integrate all of our service offerings.

Administrative Systems

Administrative Systems is responsible for the information and business systems that allow the college to function. These include the student records system, Banner, and the financial management system. 

Meet the Staff

 Seth is responsible for data network systems including LAN and Wireless, as well as telephone systems. Seth has worked at MCLA since 2014 and enjoys gardening and hiking.

Ian is responsible for all operations of the IT department and the security of campus information. Ian has worked at MCLA since 2002 and enjoys 3D printing and is an avid swimmer.

Aaron started at MCLA in 2004 when Media Services was part of the library and the primary job was wheeling TVs and VHS players to and from classrooms. Today Media Services maintains more than 50 fully equipped classrooms, meeting spaces, and performance venues. And provides the entire campus a long list of services from digital media editing and production to poster printing and live sound reinforcement.

On February 26, 1995, Charlie joined MCLA (then NASC) as the first Coordinator of Network Services in the Computer Support Services Department. He holds a BBA from the University of Massachusetts.  Over 25 years, he has been involved in many network equipment deployments and upgrades, both in the campus classroom and office buildings, the residential areas on campus and several remote locations. In 2006 Charlie was elected to be the MCLA Chapter President of the Association of Professional Administrators. He held that position for twelve years and continues to represent the interests of the MCLA APA members with passion and conviction as its local Vice-President. In 2013 he also added the duties of Interim APA Statewide Vice-President and has been re-elected twice to that position. While experiencing many challenges here at MCLA, none compare to those presented by the Covid-19 Pandemic and Charlie is proud to support the efforts of everyone on campus in their dedication to the safety of the faculty, staff and students during these unprecedented times.

John is responsible for the management of the Help Desk, Desktop Support, and Media Services. John was hired in 2005. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Information Systems from MCLA. 

Jared is responsible for the deployment, upkeep and maintenance of machines at MCLA. He graduated from Berkshire Community College in 2019 with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. While at Berkshire Community College Jared worked for the IT Department as an IT Assistant. Jared has also worked in the private sector doing IT work for businesses across Berkshire County with Renatus Solutions. Jared enjoys music, reading, and of course anything to do with computers.

Marcia is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the college's database systems and various application platforms.  She maintains the college's Student Information Systems, such as Ellucian Banner, Evisions' Argos Reporting and Degree Works.
Marcia has worked at MCLA since 2013.

Steven is responsible for installation of all new content, imaging and maintenance of MCLA’s website and portal. He lived for years in New York City, received his Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, and worked in publishing, marketing and advertising. Now he enjoys living amid the windmills of Searsburg, Vermont. 

Tracy has been with the Administrative Systems division since 2012 and is a graduate of the college. Tracy is responsible for data integration between third party vendors and Banner, supporting campus departments like Admissions, RPS, Student Affairs, and more.

Tyler is one of the AV Technicians on campus. He is responsible for classroom and meeting space technology, as well as performance venue equipment and assistance. He attended Westfield State as a music performance major with a concentration in Jazz studies. He enjoys working on gaming PC's and playing videogames.