About Us

CHP logoHonors is an academic program, analogous to an academic minor concentration, which is compatible with any major (or even, with careful advisement, double major). MCLA Honors is an accredited member of the Commonwealth Honors Program.

Graduating with All-College Honors is a distinction that follows you for the rest of your life. Inscribed on your transcript, it can help open doors to graduate or professional schools and enhance employment possibilities after college. But a serious Honors Program always offers more than a bright future; its chief focus is the quality and rigor of your experience as a student. As an Honors student you quickly gain the confidence not only of understanding something, but of knowing that you understand it, of knowing how to communicate it, of knowing how to learn on your own and work with others so that you can bring projects to successful conclusion. Gaining the wisdom to know yourself—to know your powers in both their reach and their limitation—is your present . . . and your future. Make the most of it.