Arts+ @MCLA

Last May the first Season Preview of the Arts was held by Lisa Donovan, Creative Arts Domain Leader in partnership with Michelle Daly, Director, Berkshire Cultural Resource Center to highlight interdisciplinary opportunities for MCLA faculty to connect with arts-based work across Berkshire County. Several faculty attended this forum and heard presentations from BCRC, MASS MoCA, WCMA, and Jacobs Pillow. The goal was to highlight opportunities for faculty to integrate interdisciplinary and arts-based work into their course planning for the fall.

Based on the conversation that day a shared theme of Gender/Power/Identity emerged and a Hardman Grant was received to activate connections with arts and humanities resources in the area exploring the question:

Who gets the power? How do experiences in arts, culture and society inform understanding of the intersection between gender/power/identity?

As we continue to build resources to provide information about upcoming arts programming and opportunities to integrate these events and artists into your courses - including the creation of this page dedicated to collaborative opportunities our next season preview will be on December 4th12-1 p.m. (lunch provided) and we look forward to sharing opportunities to integrate arts programming into your spring semester.


We believe that our wide array of programming enhances every student and faculty member’s experience on our campus by bringing diverse perspectives and voices that enrich our lives and highlight the power of the arts as a means to speak across discipline and personal boundaries.