Facilities building


Phone: 413-662-5099

Fax: 413-662-5025

Address: 341 Ashland St North Adams, MA 01247


Facilities Management

Robert(Bob) Fortini

 Interim Assistant Director, Facilities Building 
Phone: 413.662.5023
Email: R.Fortini@mcla.edu

Kevin Saunders 

Staff Assistant, Facilities Building
Phone: 413.662.5262
Email: kevin.saunders@mcla.edu

Dianne Manning

Director of Residential Life & Housing, Flagg Townhouses Rm-89
Phone: 413.662.5131
Email: Dianne.Manning@mcla.edu


Jeffrey(Jeff) Tatro

 Staff Assistant, Power Plant
Phone: 413.662.5261
Email: jeffrey.tatro@mcla.edu

Shelley Martocchio

 Administrative Assistant II, Facilities Building
Phone: 413.662.5259
Email: Shelley.Martocchio@mcla.edu

Elizabeth(Liz) Grover

 Clerk III, Facilities Building
Phone: 413.662.5099
Email: elizabeth.grover@mcla.edu

Terry Burdick

Administrative Assistant I,  Flagg Townhouses Rm-89
Phone: 413.662.5249
Email: Terry.Burdick@mcla.edu@mcla.edu

Operations Staff

Keith Anderson

 Carpenter II, Facilities Building- Carpenter Shop 
Email: K.Anderson@mcla.edu

Anna Marie Arabia

 Maintainer I, Freel Library
Email: A.Arabia@mcla.edu

James(JIm) Baumbach

 Third Class Engineer, Power Plant
Email: J.Baumbach@mcla.edu

Joseph(Joe) Beverly

Maintainer I, Townhouses
Email: joseph.beverly@mcla.edu

Betsy Bishop

Maintainer I, Main St, Shapiro & Smith House
Email: Betsy.Bishop@mcla.edu

Bonnie Braman

 Maintainer I, Murdock Hall 
Email: Bonnie.Braman@mcla.edu

Brent Braman

 Maintainer I, Mark Hopkins
Email: brent.braman@mcla.edu

Joseph(JAY) Brandon

Maintainer I, Center for Science & Innovation
Email: jb4451@mcla.edu

John Brown

 Maintainer I, Facilities Building- Grounds
Email: J.Brown@mcla.edu

Kurt Brule

 Maintainer I, Facilities Building- Grounds
Email: K.Brule@mcla.edu

Sonja Byers

 Maintainer I, Hoosac Hall
Email: Sonja.Byers@mcla.edu

William(Bill) Cross

 Maintainer II, Amsler Campus Center
Email: William.Cross@mcla.edu

Jennifer(Jen) Cwalinski

 Maintainer I, Porter St & Wellness Center
Email: jennifer.cwalinski@mcla.edu

Michael(Mike) DeMarsico

Maintainer I, Hoosac Hall
Email: Michael.DeMarsico@mcla.edu

Frederick(Freddie) Ferris

Carpenter II, Campus Wide
Email: F.Ferris@mcla.edu

Diane Finney

 Maintainer I, Church St Center & President's Office
Email: diane.finney@mcla.edu

Charles(Chuck) Fischer

 Maintainer I, Center for Science & Innovation
Email: charles.fischer@mcla.edu

Jeffrey(Jeff) Garrison

 Maintainer II & Pesticide,  Facilities Building- Grounds
Email: Jeffrey.Garrison@mcla.edu

Mark Gibeau

Maintainer I, Amsler Campus Center
Email: Mark.Gibeau@mcla.edu

Paul Guest

 Painter II, Facilities Building - Paint Shop
Email: P.Guest@mcla.edu

James(Jim) Howe

Electrician II, Facilities Building - Electric Shop
Email: J.T.Howe@mcla.edu

Gary James

 Plumber & Steamfitter II, Facilities Building - Plumber's Shop
Email: Gary.James@mcla.edu

Patrick(pat) Kearns

 HVAC Mechanic II, Facilities Building - HVAC Shop
Email: Patrick.Kearns@mcla.edu

Jeremy Lapier

 Maintenance Equipment Operator II, Facilities Building - Grounds
Email: jeremy.lapier@mcla.edu

Darlene LaPierre

 Maintainer I, Bowman Hall
Email: Darlene.LaPierre@mcla.edu

Wayde Lincoln

Tradesworker, Campus Wide
Email: W.Lincoln@mcla.edu

thomas(Tom) Mongeon

 Painter I, Locksmith & Pesticide, Campus Wide
Email: T.Mongeon@mcla.edu

Donnell Moye

 Maintainer I, Facilities Building - Grounds
Email: Donnell.Moye@mcla.edu

Darryl Pecor

 Maintainer I, Murdock Hall
Email: D.M.Pecor@mcla.edu

Randy Pessolano 

 Third Class Engineer, Power Plant
Email:  Randy.Pessolano@mcla.edu

Brian Pilot 

 Maintainer I, Bowman Hall
Email: Brian.Pilot@mcla.edu 

Charles(Chuck) Poulton

 HVAC Mechanic I, Facilities Building - HVAC Shop
Email: charles.poulton@mcla.edu

Angel Rivera

 Maintainer I, Facilities, Eldridge, & Public Safety
Email: angel.rivera@mcla.edu

Antonio(Tony) Rodriguez

 Maintainer I, Venable Hall 
Email: A.Rodriguez@mcla.edu

Linda Rose

 Maintainer I, Hoosac Hall
Email: Linda.Rose@mcla.edu

Raymond(ray) Shaw

 Electrician II, Facilities Building - Electric Shop
Email: Raymond.Shaw@mcla.edu

Randy Smith

 Third Class Engineer, Power Plant 
Email: randy.smith@mcla.edu

John Tremblay

 Maintainer I, Amsler Campus Center
Email: John.Tremblay@mcla.edu

John(JT) Truskowski

 Plumber & Steamfitter II, Facilities Building - Plumber's Shop
Email: John.Truskowski.Jr@mcla.edu

Walter Upton

 Maintainer I, Hoosac Hall
Email: Walter.Upton@mcla.edu

David(Zeke) Zaleski

 Third Class Engineer, Power Plant 
Email: D.Zaleski@mcla.edu



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