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The 21st Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

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MCLA will hold the 21st Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) on April 20th, 2023.  

The URC highlights MCLA's commitment to nurturing a dynamic culture of research: inquiry, exploration, and mentorship and we encourage you to explore the many ways MCLA students are making an impact in their disciplines and communities.

Please visit the conference program at this link to explore the exciting array of work generated by our student community and plan your day!

Keynote speaker will be MCLA alumnae Jenna McElroy '16.

Join us for the 21st annual undergraduate research conference Thursday, April 20th, 2023. Illustration of an atom and a book.


Overview of the conference

Any questions should be directed towards Dr. Anna Jaysane-Darr, Chair of Undergraduate Research or Dr. Nicole Porther, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Research.